Men And The 30 Second Rule.

Men And The 30 Second Rule.

Beauty is not synonymous with, neither does it translate into good character. Physical beauty does not guarantee good character, neither does lack of physical beauty preclude good character. In Proverbs 31:30, the Bible says that charm is deceitful and beauty is vain: it does not usually represent the true character of a woman. But the average man does not understand this distinction so he assesses every woman he meets for the first time by her physical beauty and her clothes.

Social scientists tell us that within the first 30 seconds of meeting a woman, a man makes up his mind if he wants her or not. It is in those crucial 30 seconds that many men make life time relationship decisions.

There’s a reason why the fashion and beauty industries are billion dollar businesses. There’s a reason why women invest a fortune in fashion and beauty products. The reason is quite simple: it works. Fashion and beauty products always deliver on their promises, which is to seduce you in the first 30 seconds.

A woman recognizes the fact that a man is easily swayed by what he sees so she works hard at making such an encounter very memorable. In the first 30 seconds of meeting a woman, without knowing who she is, what she does for a living or what lurks in the dark recesses of her mind, he is attracted to her and makes an important decision about her because of what he sees. Then he spends several weeks, months and perhaps, even years, to undo what his fickle emotions pushed him to do in the heat of the moment.

You must understand that what you see in the first 30 seconds of meeting a woman is totally irrelevant in making a relationship decision about her. A woman is not her face, she is not her body, neither is she the clothes she wears. A woman is a spirit with a soul and a body, but most men don’t seem to be able to see beyond her physical beauty and her clothes.

A woman understands how a man’s mind works so she does all she can to make sure that those first 30 seconds of seeing her will create desire in you to want her in your life. You walk up to her, she extends her hands, you smell her fragrance and she says, ‘hi.’ In those few seconds, if you like what you see, your pulse quickens, your palms begin to sweat, hormones surge in your blood stream, critical thought is temporarily suspended and you make a move on that woman. In those few seconds, a man plays a video in his mind about this woman. He may fantasize a romantic, marital or sexual relationship with her. All kinds of crazy videos may play in the mind of that man in those few seconds as he decides whether or not he should make a move on that woman. If the videos make ‘sense’ in his mind, he makes up his mind there and then to have that woman in his life.

It takes a woman many hours, sometimes, days and weeks to create that perfect look which will appeal to you and win you over in those first 30 seconds of seeing her. She invests quality thought into making the choice of what clothes to put on, what to look like, what fragrance to wear and what emotions to stir in you when you see her. Her ensemble is always carefully selected to make an immediate impression the moment you set your eyes on her. She selects her clothes to manipulate your mind in a particular direction the moment you see her. It is amazing what effort goes into creating that perfect look that captivates a man’s mind.

It is important to note that a woman’s clothes cover more than her body. It also covers her character. By cover I mean that a woman can use the combination of her physical beauty and her clothes to hide a poorly developed character and deceive you into having a relationship with her. Sadly, many women do this, so it is up to a man to see beyond her beauty and her clothes.

If you are patient, wait a few days or weeks, and carefully observe her, this woman will reveal her character and show you who she really is. But if you are impatient, if your hormones drive you crazy with desire to possess her beauty, you will make an error in judgment. You will be deceived by her carefully orchestrated appearance, make a hasty decision and make an unwise relationship commitment to a woman who you really don’t know.

You shouldn’t make a life time decision based on a few seconds of interaction with an attractive and beautiful stranger. You should discover who she is before contracting a relationship with her. Always remember, that no matter how stunningly attractive she is, no matter how stirred up your emotions are, a woman is never what she appears to be in those first 30 seconds.



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31 responses to “Men And The 30 Second Rule.

  1. Nero

    For a young man thinking about marriage and have a family,this is the piece of advice I have had all year..thank you.
    I will continue to spread the word about this site to my mates and friends.

  2. sunom

    Beautiful article sir…..every serious minded man needs to read dis.

  3. Chimwemwe Nkhoma

    you are true

  4. Ur articles are very meaningful it is a must 4 every single man to read it. Thanks PG

  5. Asarebea

    ooh men……..I wont habour any negative feelings if the guy am interested in doesnt look my way but instead looks at the next person(it could be my sister,my bestfriend or cousin).I am not discouraged.thank u sir.God bless u

  6. Mwamba

    Its a pity how some men fall prey to beauty and clothes.its true man of God that beauty and clothes do not determine ones character.Will share this piece of great information with them

  7. Prof

    AAAAAH am relieved!!! Thanks to very much and may GOD shower you more words for us AMEN!!!

  8. 3786

    Ur helping most in making critical decisions of my life, I appreciate

  9. Donald

    wow….life is a journey for real thanks be to you sir for your tireless time in sharing your knowledge to us we are so greatful am teaching a group of singles at church and am using ur material may God continue adding more and blessing you more,i salute you sir indeed life is a product of choice.DZ

  10. This is are actually facts that should not be ignored. I am happily married and has I read, I discovered that I have unconsciousely put all those into practice. Plendid sir…..more grace.

  11. patrick

    thank you sir for those truthtful thoughts


    This is awsome, brilliant, touching, transforming, edifing and educative. U ‘re a blessing to our GENERATION sir, i wish God’s grace & fresh touch in jesus-name. Amen.

  13. Oluwakemi Aluko

    I feel refreshd,sir. U r d best!

  14. Oluwakemi Aluko

    Sir, I would lyk u to write a book abou men n women individually. Everything about them,psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, physically and some other areas of thier lives like mood, temperament and, why and how they react to situation. God will help u greatly,sir.

  15. steve

    what a vessle u George,dis generations is blessed by the words of God through you.glory to God.pls.put me through on dis.i av a well developed matured young lady suitable for a d challenge here is,i fear to propose to her bcus of her health status.she ss in genotype.i understand,it is writen,d blessing of d Lord,maketh rich nd add no carrer is quite coplex to manage.what to u advice i do?

    • Love comes first. People have married SS because they love each other. You have to decide what you want. Also consult your doctor to let you know what you are getting yourself into. Blessings.

  16. Alicwamu

    I was born long time ago thinking that martirn luther the king is the only wisest man of all time byt now i have discoverd PRAISEGEOGE, THANK uFOR SUCH DEVELOPING MESSAGES in your books.

  17. Temilola

    It is a fact dt men need to know cos dt is exactly what they are into, nd before u know what is going on extramarital affair is in place, i think they really need this,there are some men that are even proud which not good, instead of them marrying a virtous woman who is aspiring to make heaven they are going for a beautiful woman who does not even care about d end of dt man.

  18. Daniel Okwuka

    Great Article, All singles need this, because so often singles are been carried away by the container not minding the content of the container forgetting the fact that not all that glitter’s are gold, this article is so inspiring God bless Praise Gorge.

  19. Razaq Olusola

    PG as the old saying we say not “not all that glitters are gold”the first 30 seconds that i met my wife,it was an exchange of ash words, it took me 2years to have feelings for her because she is just one of those ladies who doesn’t believe in spending fortune on wardrobe to impress.In fact till these moment i buy 90% of her clothing.We are happily married now after 12years and bless with twins………….

  20. helen david

    that was great i wish all men should read this b4 making a serious decision in their lives.

  21. Eric Gaba

    Thank you Sir, for your education and my God Bless u…please keep up the good work.

  22. Surface rarely mirrors depth! I hear sir

  23. kolawole oluwafunmilayo

    Its a great one! He who has ears to hear let him hear wot the Spirit says to hasty n foolish men

  24. Irena

    Sir thank you very much.At times i dress to look beautiful nd not to seduce any man because as christians we need not to look dirty.But when men sees that then they are chasing me and now am not ready to give up.Because of this i dont know the one who loves me and am afraid because i dont wont to be played.And guys that i love dont love me..Pls i need your help what should i do…

  25. Alfred

    It is by the grace of God that I read this, My girl friend whom we had been in courtship with her for about 2 years just fired me when I got baptised in October this year, she said she is getting married to someone and she nolong comes to the church where we had been praying because her new man don’t come to the church. And now I’m seeing another lady, see looks prity, she is in the youth choir, she portrays good character, but ever since I’m unable to find her somewhere that I can speak to her about my feeling for her. Since I felt for her, I had been praying that God should bring us together and help us to get married. And something amazing is that I always want to be in the church because I feel with her as when I am seeing her.
    Please Sir help me, is my prayer logical or how can I pray? in this case

  26. Mr Daniel C

    Am so touch by this article, my friends must read this, because many are doom! They have gone for the container instead of the content thank God for eye opening.

  27. Oluwaseyifunmi B.

    Wow! This is great. Yorubas will say “Iwa L’ewa” meaning “One’c Character is his/her beauty”. But most men go after physical beauty. Thanks for your post Sir. It really help.

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