We are thankful for the emails testifying to the impact of Praise George books on/in their lives so I (Abiola) decided to create a page for testimonials here. I’ll kick off with a few recent ones and please feel free to leave your feedback here!

Dear Praise George,

In 2010, I bought and read one of your books and a must say my life is now focused because of your valuable guidance. In the year 2010, despite being a trained Economist and a Banker by occupation, I found myself in some kind of a middle life crisis. Well I would say I am a middle income earner and worked in fairly well paying job, but when I evaluated myself to examine what I had achieved in life after working for 11 years, I realized I had achieved not that much. I counted my real assets and estimated their values – again not that much anyway, I had no bank savings – though had fairly good savings with the National Social Security Fund and the office defined pension scheme.

To cut the story short, in my situation of quagmire, I went out looking for inspirational books to read and landed on one of your books – ‘’ Start with what you have from where you are’’ I must say, the rest is history. I discovered the dream in my heart, I managed to know where exactly I was in life, I evaluated my friends, dropped and retained some, church became a routine because I discovered God’s guidance is critical, I overcome fear, I started staying focused on only what I set myself to do and achieve, I discovered that a business idea was what I needed most than seed capital, I discovered that self confidence is an asset and so forth . . . and today my life journey in just 2 years is rewarding.

May the Almighty shower your works with blessings.


Ben E
Kampala, Uganda

My name is Jennifer, from Abia state.I wish to appreciate you for imparting greatly in me through one of your books titled”Cracking the destiny code”. I have really lent a lot of things that will help shape me to be the icon i have always desired to be.Am grateful,more grease to your elbow.


Hi Mr Praise George,i luv reading ur books.They’re always impactful.GOD BLESS YOU. Evelyn


Gud day, i just finished 1 of ur masterpiece “Releasing d success within” its nice n motivating.keep it up. I am an author with one published book to my credit. Stephen


To God be the glory great things he is doing. My name is Paul A, a pastor here in the city of Yaounde Cameroon. Our organisation also runs one of the biggest Christian and motivational bookshops here. Surely by my assessment for now we are the highest sellers of your products that we buy from your distributors in Nigeria.


I thank God for giving you the inspiration to write this successful singing book (Successful Singing) that you have written. I have been working with it, is a nice book keep it up. am an up coming artiste I compose my songs also write them myself, but am stil having problem in some area which is my voice, since I started using your book I must say that am doing great. Emmanuel PH


Hi Mr Praise George,be blessed. I came acros one of ur books,WHY ARE U MT RICH. Its so marvelous. Pls how can I get ur other books like MONEY MAGNET,SUCES HABITS etc. I wud b glad if u reply on time so I can climb on. Victor, ILE IFE


My name is Pastor fred. I have just finished reading ” CRACKING THE DESTING CODE “. What can I say, its fantastic. Mind shaking and destiny transforming. My book of the year. My testimonies will never be complete without your books. They have given me the FIRE and DRIVE I desperately needed. Can’t wait to see you, to say thank you. THANK YOU FOR WRITING SUCH A GREAT BOOKS.

49 responses to “Testimonials

  1. Charles Tony Otoo

    I am Charles Tony from Tarkwa in Ghana & i just can’t make a list of the number your books i have read I am much grateful to God for blessing our planet with people of your kind. My wish for u is that you may not DIE.That is quite weird but that’s the truth.

  2. ernestina


  3. i have read a few of your
    books but i experience so much impact in my life

  4. God will surely be blessing you always. May He protect and guide you. So that you can write more knowledge into the public. Thank you for using your books to heal our wounds and making us to be stronger.. God bless you.

  5. regan forba

    I am REGAN FORBA from Cameroon. To say i am so happy writing you, is to say the least.in fact i cannot explain how i feel because it is above joy.
    A friend of mine gave me a book by you titled CLARITy.After reading the book my whole mind set changed i left from a confused girl to a clarified girl who is now very sure of not only who she is but who she wants to become.i was so blessed that i felt like everybody needs to be that blessed too.i am so excited i can not just afford to say every thing i would have loved to say.
    praise George,may god bless you with more and more wisdom to change the life of many like to did to mine! say AMEN please.thank you so much and GOD BLESS YOU.

  6. amaama ben

    praise george in deed you are a blessed man whose blessings are overflowing and showering on many people,may God continue to bless you and release his wisdom on you to enable you counsel people.

  7. Benedict EE Reeves


  8. Grace

    I have been reading your books for the past 5yrs. The likes of Once upon a virgin, Rules for single ladies.Money magnet,my best book of all moments: LAWS OF ATTRACTION and others I can’t remember now. These books,though I read them,never meant much to me until I experienced my first breakup recently. When I re-read some of your works, I realised the meanings sank deeply. Though I learnt the hard way, I still thank God for you brought me back into life. GOD BLESS YOU

  9. Where can I get your books?

  10. Where can I get your books in Lagos?

  11. Benjamin Miyanda

    Benjanim. Where can i get these books in Zambia

  12. Benjamin Miyanda

    Ok thank you for educating me in a special way please continue doin the great job you arre doing.May god richly bless you in abandantly.

  13. Couples Fellowship

    Please where can we get copies of your book “The Married Woman’s Handbook in Port Harcourt?

  14. Peter Wetaaka

    Hi George, this is a reality. Your books are incredible. How do I get them in Uganda?

  15. Hi, praise .i happen to read some of your books and think my life is on the right path now .am very greatful for all you have done for us

  16. Julie

    Hi Praise George, i am Ugandan, i was trying to get my life focused. i tried to weigh myself in terms of impact that i have made in life, family,work and church.As i was moving on the streets of Kampala, i stumbled on one of your books titled’Start with what you have from where you are’. It is such an eye opener. When you read this book, you will realise that actually you have just been existing. This book helps you identify your purpose at to why you’re createa and why you are living.

    God bless you King size.


    I am Elizabeth from Douala Cameroon. Your book rules for single women has helped me. I also read the 48 traits of success and I was blessed. Thank God for peole like you whom God is using to impact our generation. You are so down to earth humble that it takes the working of the Holy Spirit for you to attain that. God bless and protect you and your family.

  18. Am jane from Uganda, Kampala. i really appreciate you for your great concern for people really your book titled “start with what you have” inspired me. thanks God bless you

  19. sir do you have plans of coming to Ghana before the the year comes to a close?we would like to award u,the higest award in the in the school.KINGSWAY INT. SCHOOL. GHANA-TEMA +233(0)277729207

  20. Basil Ujam

    Good day Sir,
    Your books were powerful tools for me while I was single and helped greatly in nevigating through the waters of inter-personal relationships. I love to have more people read the books but its rarely seen in the bookshops in northern nigeria. I would like to become a distributor of the books in this region.
    I look forward to your kind response.
    God bless you richly.

  21. Tomiwa Oluwole

    Hello sir,

    I came across one of your first books ‘Successful Singing’. I have been recently put as the leader of a choir and we’re looking to conduct a number of training programs to develop ourselves. One of the areas we will be focusing on is Singing.

    I would like to request your permission to take some few sections of the material to share with the people. Be rest assured sir that I will make appropriate references. I would have sent an email but I could not locate your email address.

    Here is mine ioluwole@gmail.com

    Thanks sir for your kind consideration and God bless

  22. Sumaya Musoke

    Hello Praise George,I am Sumaya from Uganda i must say your book entitled Start with what you have from where you are changed my life a lot i can’t wait to read the rest of them.I am sure by the time i will read all the ten of them i will have learnt how to make money.

    God Bless you!

  23. Raymond

    Hello Praise Gorge,I am Raymond Samwel from Tanzania,I read one of your book which called 21 mistake single men make.,it inspire me alot,,thanx man of God.lastly I like to have more books from you so what can I do?

  24. MUURA

    Dear sir,
    Greetings from Tanzania , i just got one of your books and it inspired me a lot . There are some books i need which are not available in our bookshops here in Tanzania , is there any way i can do to get the books i need ?
    best regards,
    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

  25. chidiebere favour

    pls hw can i get praise george books. i stay in port harcourt

  26. You are a blessing, I started reading books a year ago and my life has never been the same. I have since published 13 books thanks for your inspiration and guidance through books.

  27. Juliana Aferi

    Dear sir Many thanks for your prayers the voices I use to hear have minimised. People now look up to me. The devil has been put to shame.
    Jesus really loves me. Mrs. Juliana M. Aferi, Bank of Ghana, Accra.

  28. I’ll always remain a fan Praise George. Your writing has really changed my perspective towards life and you will always be my inspiration.


  29. Hello sir, I am really impressed by what you do. Is there a way i can meet with you or get your email address.

  30. Great insights. it sure is a small book but saturated with success principles. I just finished reading your ‘8 laws for Financial Freedom’ book. i can’t stop re-reading it. I thirsty for more of your teachings. Thanks a lot.

  31. I’ve been reading your replies from other people & enjoyed them. Please reply me. I’m called Mrs. Juliana M. Aferi. I was born on 4th September, 1960 married with 3 children. I work at the Bank.

  32. Florence

    i am highly blessed to discover this replica of Solomon, he is just so blessed with wisdom i quote ”Reality Wisdom”.
    Thank you very much sir for your sacrifice for writing all these down, words are not enough to express my gratitude for making your books available for us to derived these powerful wisdom and knowledge of yours.
    My inspirations has grown just my reading your books which are so easy to understand.
    i’m blessed to know u sir, forever remain blessed, favored in life, you and your entire family.
    Florence Enjema.

  33. Akin

    Hello Mr. Praise George. Please I need this book titled “start with what you have from where you are”, please I’ve searched everywhere I could and still couldn’t get one. Wouldn’t mind if you can contact me via ojedapoakin@gmail.com.
    God bless.

  34. Emmanuel

    Hello, Mr Praise George. How can I get your books in Abuja?

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