Self Publishing

Praise George conducts a self-publshing seminar which helps you learn how to write non-fiction books, produce, package and sell them. You can earn a decent income from writing and selling your own books. It sounds too good to be true until you attend one of the seminars and begin to apply the skills that will help you achieve your dream.To attend email for the next seminar date.

If you just can’t wait, the seminar package is available in video, audio and manual for only N25,000!!!


  • Develop your Writing Skills
  • Writing A Best Selling Book In Less Than 90-days
  • Discover Secrets of Best Selling Authors
  • Earn Money in your Spare Time
  • Develop, Package And Sell info info Products
  • Start A Lucrative Publishing Business
  • Become An International Best Selling Author
  • Promote, Market And Sell Books

111 responses to “Self Publishing

  1. damilola oladehin

    I would like to be part of this though I’m in Ibadan but will definitely get prepared when i know ahead (date & other info).

  2. Your videos, audios and manuals are certainly life transforming..would like to be informed about upcoming programs too..

  3. king solomon morgan

    plsease notify me

  4. Praise George has revolutionalised book publishing business in Nigeria and beyond.

    Keep it up Sir!

  5. Your books are always exceptional….. I keep reading and reading it….. bcos I keep getting a new inside of it every time I read it…

    Carry on….

  6. How can I get of your publishing video – I live in the UK so may not be able to attend your seminar. Also where can I buy some of your other published material?

  7. Pastor Tunde Olufemi

    I enjoy reading your books.Keep it up.


    I have always had a dream of reaching the world through writing but I didn’t know how to, but after attending Praise George’s Self Publishing Seminar, My First book: “ACHIEVING FINANCIAL FREEDOM WAS BORN” and the reception has been tremendous. Praise George’s useful insights, both personally and listening to his CDs has been very helpful. ACHIEVING FINANCIAL FREEDOM is a motivational and inspirational book that teaches about the simple things that we tend to forget, overlook or take for granted, when trying to succeed financially. Many times this leads to frustration and loss of self confidence. The book reminds us that many times the only limitation to not achieving your financial success or your dream is not believing in yourself. It is an easy read that is sure to inspire you and motivate you to make a move and achieve greatness, look beyond your challenges and situations and concentrate on your passion. CHRISTOPHER ENOFE (08037433535).

  9. June Whittle

    My name is June and we met at New Generation Christian Centre on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th Febuary. During the book signing session, I told you that I write and you suggested that I purchase your self publishing kit. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to buy it today. Could you tell me how I will be able to purchase a copy please? Your preaching was awesome and I was blessed. May God continue to bless you in all that you do.

  10. Being unable to attend the seminar, I purchased the vcd’s – Mr George “thanks for making that possible in response to my initial reply”
    The content of Mr Praise George’s Self-Publishing vcd’s are delivered in a straightforward easy to understand and conversational manner. You almost feel like you are part of the class – the only downside is not being able to ask immediate questions – however that is the least of your problems. So many of us are full of ideas and hidden talents which if applied to paper could be rewarding . In these vcd’s he breaks it all down -helps you to visualise the potential in these ideas, then teaches you how to systematically turn them into publishable material.. The systematic approach he uses is great in that it can be applied even in your daily life. He does not hide the fact that it is hard work but explains the rationale behind every step -Suffice it to say that this is a useful tool to have if writing is something that appeals to you and I strongly believe that if you follow these steps sytematically , the outcome will be a published book of international quality

  11. please how can i contact you personally? i really need your help.

  12. The Self Publishing Seminar with Praise George via
    VCD is a must have for anyone dreaming of publishing his or her
    own book in Nigeria today. I have personally been in Praises’ seminars
    and mentoring sessions and with each of those meetings my
    self publishing career took further upward and forward turns. Thank you
    for sharing your wealth of experience with us Sir

  13. There’s no way I can get the package now…
    But if I was really meant to be a writer; I know I’ll make it…
    God bless you man of God!

  14. Akua

    I have read your books via friends, but would like my own copies. They are great! Where can I get copies and also I would like to purchase your self publishing kit online.

    Keep up the great work.

  15. Kenneth

    I got a CD of your self pubishing seminar. I have just written my book.

  16. david umukoro

    Good day sir,
    my name is David umukoro , a writer of a book on purpose that has to do with spiritual growth and life discipline. But am about to go with the publishing processing of the book and the book is to be published in a publishing firm in us .So i thought it will be wise for me to get be advised by someone like you who has great versatile experience in this field .However i will need your contact information because i will really like to learn from you .
    Hope to hear from you sir.

    David umukoro(08139378410)

  17. olamide

    i just love readin ur books.its very simple n insightful.i want 2 b a writer too but i dnt knw how n when to ur ability inborn or what.

  18. Is your Self Publishing kit available to purchase in the UK yet? I’m very interested in buying one.

  19. james

    Hi, i am in Yaounde, Cameroon how do i get you video cds.thanks

  20. Tim edward

    Your products are life transforming and i want to be part of d next seminar,but i am in suleja so keep me informed.

  21. Tim edward

    Praise i realy need your help.i’ve been inspired to write some books but they are not yet published due to d lack of can i raise money to publish at least one of those books before december ending and how can i sell my products successfully.pls help me.

  22. john stewart abrokwah

    Need you as my mentor


    sir,i picked up your book ‘start with wat u have fro,m where you are’ in a NIM induction in Abuja two weeks ago.i just finished reading it and something feels like leaping out of me. I felt a new drive and fire to pursue my dreams. I am a youth corper serving presently in sokoto state and a talented writer and may you help me sir.what are your advices?
    Muyiwa Olaiya B.,sokoto state

  24. I like praise george books. Sir,what does it takes to host you in calabar.thanks

  25. Blunt Nelson

    Want to be part of your next seminar

  26. Uti Clinton

    Reading your books has transformed my life for good I have made up my mind to read every book you have written…. I am working presently on my book .. I continue to get inspire reading your books.. I have prayed to God that the same grace at work in your life as a writer would be upon me..
    Praise you are truely gifted with the gifts of words

  27. Justine Sipho Chitengi (Advocate)

    Man of God, you really blessed me when you visited Zambia last year. I am repeatedly reading your books and listening to your audio teachings on financial freedom. Bless you.
    Justine Sipho Chitengi (Advocate)

  28. Onu B. Onochie

    i am in Ojo Cantonment, Lagos now for a 6 months course, i want to be a distributor of some of your books on relationship. i am also a writer but i want to learn more about self publishing and distribution of books.

  29. Omadewu

    Hi i did like know if you train fictional writers and how do i get on in to the program

  30. Elizabeth Akunyili

    i never found out how much i loved writing until i began reading your books. am an upcoming writer .

  31. Sir I love your style, packaging and marketing skills. I am an upcoming writer and speaker. I want you to coach me sir. how can I follow you up ? I also want your self publishing kit and i am in Ghana. how can I get it ?

  32. Flourish

    Pls how can i get your vcd on,how to write and publish books.Thank you.

  33. JETHRO


  34. petula_

    Look forward to getting in touch. I am interested in you’re resources.



  35. fadina oloyede

    sir GOD wil increase u in wisdom, in status and in favour with GOD and man. sir hw can one contact u for a program. may be office telephone number then we can talk. thank you sir GOD bless u and ur family for impacting to our generation.

  36. Adeyemi Elizabeth

    Mr. Praise, before reading this,i want you to know that this is from a young passionate writer who needs direction. i will like to ask you some question and i will be glad if you can reply me through my e-mail.
    * How did you start?
    * What were your challenges and how did you overcome them?
    * Did you have a mentor?
    * Where do you get your inspirational from?
    * What’s the name of your first book and how many pages was it?
    This are the questions that keep burning inside of me waiting for answers. I have read a lot of your books but have not gotten your cd.
    I discovered that deep inside of me, i love to speak to people, motivate them and make them know that there is something good about them. Direct me because i know that writing and speaking is my purpose which i must use to help people. Without it,am nothing. I would really appreciate it if you reply. THANKS AND GOD BLESS YOU.

  37. stephen

    sir, am Stephen from Ghana and i believe i have your talent by reading START WITH WHAT YOU HAVE FROM WHERE YOU ARE so i need you to be my personal coach. how cam that be possible? where can i also get your self publishing video tape in Accra ?

  38. dick

    iam a ugandan and may i know why your preferred non-fiction to fiction and if there is any disadvantages if fiction is my preference.

    • I write fiction and non-fiction. If you look through my blog, you will find some works of fiction. There is no disadvantage if you prefer fiction. You just have to figure out a way to sell it.

  39. Adv. Justine Sipho Chitengi

    @Praise George, afternoon Pastor.

    I am currently visiting your country and though of saying hello.

    You are a blessing in my life as you actually gave me a prophecy when you last visited Zambia to the effect that I would be highly connected to the international regime in my career as an Advocate/Barrister. It is ALL coming to pass, glory to Jehovah Yaweh- my God through Christ Jesu my Lord and Saviour.

    Chitengi from Pastor Kangwa Chileshe’s church- Zambia.

  40. Dear Praise George,
    I would like to get your package (video, audio, and manual). Is it getting any of them or all of them? How can I get them in KAMPALA-UGANDA?

    Ezrah Trevor

  41. Toba Johnson Fajuyigbe

    Thanks for allowing your self to fulfill the call in a special way. You are a life jacket to others, pleases keep it up sir.

  42. Eze Peter Okeh

    Wow, I want to attend your self publishing seminar. When is the next one coming up sir.

    I am a good writer, but I need to sharpen my skills for better outings.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Eze Peter.

  43. joseph adeniyi

    sir . you are doing great work and GOD bless you. you’ve been a blessig to this generation. i came about your books long time ago in school ,right now i have non of them please how do i meet you personaly cause have been looking up to you as a mentor.thanks adeniyi

  44. kogolo priscilla.

    Dear praise I want to see u for councelling on hw to make a choice of life partner.honestly am kind of confused and it feelslike I don’t kw want any more this cos I av abt three gud suitors, and they re all nice guys and really dnt kw who to go for and who to pray abt. Thnk u

  45. Hello Mr. Praise. My name is Caleb. I have read your book, ‘Success Habits…’ I got your website from the book. I am an Inspirational Poet and Writer who is about publishing my first book. I need a Poet Editor and Book Editor. Can you recommend one? I can be reached by mail: The mail I sent to the email in your book showed permanent failed delivery. You can also visit my blog- I need your sincere comments and advice. Thanks and Regards.

  46. john idris

    good day sir, am staying in Abuja. please when is the next seminar date and how can I get the self publishing kit? tnks

  47. Katende Moses

    Hello Praise George,am Moses from Uganda,what is your email please

  48. aduku adamu

    pls, i need your package on self publishing. how do i go about getting it?

  49. Omori James

    Please, when is the next semina and how do I get to register.

  50. Omori James

    Sir, I have been trying to reach you for a while now but to no avail. I waned to enquire about your self publishing seminar. I am interested. I reside in Calabar. Hope to hear from you soon.

  51. Leonard Chinoda

    Writing best selling book.

  52. Chris UI Ogholoh

    Thanks for your good, life transforming jobs. I am inspired to follow your works. I will like you to help me edit my first manuscript on marriage relationship. Tnx. Chris

  53. Praise God Praise!
    Thanks for helping me with your books. I do desire to live my christian faith. I do fail in a relationship and want to date only some right person for me. that is why I want to buy your books which i have not yet read. Life is a gift and marriage is for life. Some one did not not value my interests so we could not keep on. I pray that one coming is the real one for me.

    God bless!

  54. Hello Sir!
    Thanks for your impressive write-ups and tutorials. God bless you.
    I will like to be part of this training/seminar.. Please how can I gain entrance


    Hello sir,
    I would like my own materials send to me, kindly give me the figures in dollars, and what is the procedure for booking you for an event in Zambia? That is my e-mail address lets keep in touch sir, to see how best we can work together, I ve been following you since 2011,enjoyed your meetings when you came over.

  56. Peter Lazarus

    I will like to get SPS materials. What are the procedures?

  57. Charles Sikaona

    How do I become a distributor of your books

  58. Boyd kaonga

    Ha Praise, i av read you books and their good. please i am asking for you favor. i av written some thing about the police if you could read it and advise. i know editing involves money. Boyd


    I Am Not Just Interested In Attending Your Serminar But Leave Cameroon And Stay With U For Aleast A Year. You Are The Man I Have Been Looking For. You Are Living My Dream. GOD’S PEN

  60. PAUL

    I’ll want to know how to access the seminar package, how can I do it?

  61. Great work Praise George. I have been ur student over the years and i have no regret reading any of your book. I have read over 20 of ur books and am still going to read more.
    pls how can i access the publishing package, am a writer with finished manuscripts. Thanks

  62. danny

    can i get an email, ill like to send something for assessment

  63. Tia

    Hello ,
    will you be making any appearances in the D.C. region anytime soon ?

  64. Tunde Dayo

    please sir i will like to know if you do seminar for public speakers?

  65. Allison

    How do I get the manual and audio seminars?

  66. Felicity

    My name is Felicity. Im in Accra – Ghana. How do i order your books?. For example i would like to order “rules for teens” for our pre-teens at church i.e. winners chapel international , accra headoffice church branch. my email is naamiayorkor Thanks.

  67. Feyisetan Akeeb Kareem

    Please where do I order for your books to sell in my Bookstore in my quest to promote the reading culture to youths.

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