Let The Lord Prove Himself

Let The Lord Prove Himself.

Some years ago I was eating at a fast food restaurant in Lagos, Nigeria. A lady recognised me, came over and asked me to speak to her ‘fiance’ who was with her. She was about to get married to him and wanted to know what I thought about him.

I sat with the guy at his table and spoke with him about different things; his job, the church he attended, business, etc. As I was speaking to him about those things, I was listening to what the Lord had to tell me about him. When I was done talking with him, I told the lady: “this man doesn’t want to marry you.”
Lady: “how do you know? Did he tell you he didn’t want to marry me?”
Me: “No, he didn’t.”
Lady: “Then how do you know that he doesn’t want to marry me?”
Me: “The Holy Spirit revealed it to me.”

The woman told the guy what I said and they both started persecutting me, sending me hateful and angry texts, calling me a false prophet, that they were going to get married and I was a liar. The guy even threatened to beat me up.

My prophetic gift put me in trouble. I knew what I heard and I was 100% certain about it. I didn’t tell her what I heard to take money from her or manipulate her to gain some favour from her. I just told her what I received clearly from the Holy Spirit and it brought me so much pain. While this woman and her fiance were saying very horrible things about me, I was silent. I knew I would be vindicated.

Brethren, about 3 months later, this woman discovered that the guy she called her ‘fiance’ was married and had a 14 year old daughter. In fact, he was still living with his wife. The woman was shattered emotionally. She wept for months. This was what the Lord revealed to me when I spoke with her at the restaurant and told her: “he doesn’t want to marry you.” The Lord wanted to protect her but she wouldn’t listen.

That man was a liar and had been deceiving that woman, taking advantage of her. I told her the truth but she was too far gone emotionally to listen to me. She wanted to believe the lies and rejected the truth.

Don’t fight over a word or a revelation you received from the Lord. If it is indeed the Lord who spoke to you, the Lord will prove himself to you.

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  1. Daniel

    Thanks for sharing this. But how do we know if God is indeed speaking?
    I am in a similar situation and do not want to waste time with this lady.

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