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God is not against you having money.

So that we are clear, I am not against the rich and the wealthy. Joseph of Arimathea was wealthy and was also a disciple of Yeshua.
God is not against you having money. Money is a reward for the creation and delivery of value. If you want money, create and deliver value.

But this what God is against.
God is against you perverting scriptures to make money,
God is against you collecting tithes to enrich yourself,
God is against you manipulating the poor to steal from their pockets,
Gos is against you merchandising the gospel to enrich yourself,
God is against you selling the gifts of the holy spirit,
God is against you selling healing, selling prayers, selling deliverance to enrich yourself,
God is against you placing a financial price on the gospel,
God is against using your office and position to steal from the poor,
God is against using the name of Christ to steal from the ignorant,
God is against you monetizing the gospel like a common criminal,
God is against you becoming a pathological liar because of money.
If you want to make money, don’t beg, don’t manipulate, don’t pervert scripture, don’t use the weapon of fear. Get a job. Do some business. Create and deliver value.
Brother Gbile and brother Zac Poonen have given testimonies how God provided for them supernaturally without asking or begging anyone, telling anyone their need, or manipulating anyone. They prayed and God sent people from hundreds of miles away to meet their needs. If God told you to focus on ministry, God will provide for you with dignity. You will never have to beg anyone for help. If you are begging, you should either get a job or do something else apart from ministry.
God does not put his servants to shame.
If you were given an instruction, God will honour his word in your life.
Trust God to open doors of divine providence for you, your family and your ministry.

May the Lord build his Church.

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Pursue Your Calling.

We are the church.
Everyone is called.
Everyone has an assignment.
Telling people that your own assignment is to reach the world, but their own assignment is to give you their money, work like slaves for your organization, use their skill-sets to make you successful, is not only deceitful, it is unscriptural, wicked and a big lie. Continue reading


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Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice.

A white American was called to preach the gospel in Africa at 18. He delayed because he said he was not married. When he got married, he said he wanted to have children so he procrastinated again. He was now in his 30’s, he delayed and said he needed money to preach the gospel. He spent the next 30 years building a big business. He was giving money to the gospel but God whispered to him that he had not obeyed his calling. It was in his 60’s that he came to Nigeria but by then he had zero energy to preach the gospel and the time he should have preached had long passed and gone.
He had money but had failed in his assignment. Continue reading


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Money and The Pursuit of Your Calling


Several years ago Pastor Rod Parsley shared an interesting story in his book. He was invited by a member of his congregation to dinner. This man was into a number of businesses and was quite successful financially. During dinner Rod Parsley noticed that the man was crying and asked what the problem was. This business man then in his 60’s, confessed that when he was younger the Lord had called him into a pastoral ministry. He had delayed and told himself that first he would pursue business and later pursue his calling. It was a mistake. Decades after that decision he was still in business, had made a lot of money but didn’t have time to pursue that calling. The man wept bitterly because he was old and didn’t have the energy he had in his youth to pursue his calling. This story made me realise that even when you are out of God’s will you can still make money. Before then I thought only believers who were serving The Lord in truth made money. But I discovered that contrary to what many preachers taught, having money in itself isn’t a sign of faithfulness to your calling neither is it a mark of spirituality.

Sadly this man’s story is not unique to him. Recently I had a conversation with a business man and I brought up the issue of his calling in life. This brother told me that he wasn’t a business person as such but he wanted to be financially independent before pursuing his calling. He admitted that he liked sharing the gospel with people but he had some bad experiences with some pastors in the past so he decided to raise his own money and use it to preach the gospel the way he wanted and how he wanted.

It all sounded spiritual but this man was in error and didn’t realise it. Was it The Lord who told him to ‘raise money for ministry’ or was it his arrogance deceiving him? There is not one single man or woman who was used by The Lord who was told to “go and raise money first, then start the ministry later.” There is no such person alive. When The Lord calls us to service, He wants us to depend entirely on him and not on our own abilities or resources to accomplish the task ahead. Continue reading


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