The Power Of The Right Environment

The Power Of The Right Environment

1. When you are in the right environment you will meet the right people.
2. When you are in the right environment you will see the right opportunities.
3. When you are in the right environment your value is recognised, received and rewarded., and your dream blossoms.
4. When you are in the right environment opportunities for financial advancement reveal themselves to you and your skillsets create and deliver value.
5. The wrong environment is the definition of hell on earth. You will struggle without progress, without results.
6. To make progress, you must exit the wrong environment and enter the right environment for you.
7. Abraham migrated from Haran to Canaan, then he prospered. T D Jakes suffered in obscurity for many years until he relocated his ministry. Elon Musk migrated from South Africa to the USA and his dream blossomed.
8. Even if gold is like sand on the streets of Canada, if that is the wrong environment for you, you won’t touch that gold. It is not a curse. There are beggars in Canada.
9. When you are in the right environment, no matter how tough things are, you will prosper. In Genesis 26, Isaac prospered in time of famine because he was in the right environment. The Lord told him to stay in that environment.
10. Procuring citizenship, green card, right of abode, and Visas, etc,. won’t change your life if you are in the wrong environment. Millions of people are poor and struggle financially in Canada, USA, UK, etc.
Find the right environment for you and move there.


Praise George, October 2022.


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