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The reason why you are where you currently are in life is the level of clarity you possess. When you see better, you will do better. We cannot act beyond what we see, what we understand and what we know. With clarity comes speed for accomplishment. When we know in what direction we are headed, we proceed with all certainty and this guarantees speed for accomplishment.

Lack of clarity slows us down. When we don’t know what to do or in what direction to go, there is confusion in our minds and confusion slows us down.
To get rid of confusion, you need to get some clarity. Ask yourself some questions: what do you want to accomplish, in what direction are you headed, what is your life’s goal or purpose? The answer to these and some other questions which you will find in my book CLARITY, will bring you to a place of clarity and power.

When you KNOW what to do, when you know where to go, when you do that which is right for you to do, success is inevitable.
It all begins with clarity.



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Share your message with the world through Self Publishing

Praise George conducts a self-publshing seminar which helps you learn how to write non-fiction books, produce, package and sell them. You can earn over N1,000,000 per annum from writing and selling your own books. It sounds too good to be true until you attend one of the seminars and begin to apply the skills that will help you achieve your dream.To attend email mail@trscl.com for the next seminar date.

For more information, please visit the Self Publishing page at http://www.praisegeorge.org


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