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How To Kill Your Talent


A talent or gift is an innate God-given ability you possess, something you were born with, something you really didn’t need to ‘learn how to do,’ something that distinguishes you and makes you unique in your family and among your friends. A talent is not something learned in school although it may be developed by training and education within the setting of a school. Never confuse the accumulation of degrees with your talent. There are many accomplished and successful people who never acquired degrees but utilised their talent and are making an impact in the marketplace of life. Some people discover their talent early in life, some discover theirs later in life and sadly some people never really discover their talent until the day they exit the earth.

Success in life is the result of a talent, gift or ability that is discovered, cultivated and creatively unleashed in the market place of life. Failure in life comes as a result of not allowing your talent to flourish and have an impact in the marketplace of life. Read my book Talent Power for more information on how to be productive with your talent.

Your talent or gift leads you, no, PULLS you in the direction of your calling in life. Romans 11:29 says ‘For the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance.’ There is a connection between your innate God-given talent and your assignment in life or what God has called you to do with your life. If the enemy of your soul wants to ensure that you never accomplish your mission in life all he needs to do is distract you from using your talent and sabotage your calling. As long as your talent remains unutilized, you will travel in a self made spiritual wilderness although you may have money and material things. Your assignment will be compromised and you will not accomplish your life’s mission.

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The Law Of Use.

60 books and counting...Snapshot of the Money Series

The Law Of Use.
One principle that will help you achieve more in the next 12 months is the law of use. It is a very simple but powerful law. It is so simple that you may not believe the amazing results that will manifest in your life when you apply it. I have seen the law of use work for me and transform me into an international bestselling author. It continually puts money in my pocket and expands my financial possibilities. You too can apply this law in your life and watch your life change for the better.
In Mathew 25:14-30, we read about the parable of talents. A man gave out talents to his servants and went on a journey. One was given 5 talents, another 2 and another 1. The servant who received five talents traded with it and gained five more talents. The one who received two talents did the same. The one with the one talent hid it in the ground, did nothing with it and gained nothing. When the man returned, he rewarded those who gained more talents and punished the one who refused to use his talents. There are a few lessons we can learn from this parable.

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Listen to The Voice of your Gifts.

There’s a reason why you are restless and dissatisfied. There’s a reason why you feel you should be doing more with your life. There’s a reason why you feel you are bigger than where you are. Instead of fighting this restlessness and feeling of dissatisfaction, consider for a moment that it could be the voice of your future calling out to you.

We all are blessed with talents, abilities from God. Every man and woman comes into this planet packaged with certain powers that are part of their purpose or assignment on the planet. Your gifts have a voice. They talk to you. They steer you in the direction of their creative expression. A writer wants to write, a banker likes figures, a builder wants to build, a pastor wants to talk to people, an athlete wants to run, a singer wants to sing, a sales person wants to sell. Our gifts steer us in the direction of our ultimate fulfillment.

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You and Your Talent

The difference between where you are in life and where you CAN be is how well you have put your talent to work in your life.
The time, energy and passion you devote to your talent will ultimately be converted into its monetary equivalent. Money Always bows to, is magnetized by and rushes into the hands of SKILL. Always.

Success is really not complex. I can accurately predict where you will be in the next 5 years by simply looking at what you DO with your talent. Those who put their talent to work will always be masters to those who bury their own.

There is a very simple reason why I don’t like multi-level marketing. You devote your energy to helping other people build their wealth instead of using your energy to develop your Talent which, if properly harnessed, can make you wealthy.

If you invest in the development of your talent, no matter your feild of endeavour, in the next 5 years, you will rise to the top 10% of your profession. The top 10% in any profession make over 80% of the money while the rest struggle for crumbs. Make a decision to be the head and not the tail in your profession and calling and start working on your God given talents to turn them into exceptional Skills.

You can accelerate your success by simply devoting your time to what is important to you. I am a writer, therfore I devote my time and energy to the use of words.each year I write about 200,000 words to stay at the cutting edge of my calling.
If you are a doctor, actor, pastor, pilot, engineer…etc, you should devote yourself to developing your talents and expanding and deepening the areas of your expertise. Money gravitates in the direction of exceptional people. The market is tough but the exceptional man or woman will always stand out like a star.

Through the years, many well meaning people have encouraged me to move into other areas of endeavour but I have declined their counsel. Focus and consistency have brought me to the top 3% in my profession and I am richly rewarded for my efforts. However, those who dabbled into several ‘opportunities’ have stagnated their growth and success because they lacked consistency.

The Bible says in the book of Proverbs 22:29: ‘See a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings, he will not stand before unknown men.’
It is the transformation of your talent into a powerful skill that will mark you for distinction and greatness in your feild of endeavour. It takes about 10,000 hours of consistently applying your talent in a particular feild to become a master in it. Success is placed in the hands of the focused and the consistent. Mastery is the result of doing one thing consistently in an exceptional manner.
Having talent is one thing but transforming it into a skill is a completely different matter. It is those who persist at working on their talent who rise up to be leaders in their feild of calling.


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The Gift of Work (excerpted from Praise George’s new book of the same title)

The Gift Of Work

Once upon a time, an old man was dying in his home. His three sons hung around his bed anxiously waiting for him to tell them where he kept his secret gold stash. When they were children, they worked with their father on the farm. But they were lazy and hated the hard work on the farm. When they got older, they relocated to the city where they thought that life was going to be easier. But life was tough in the city. After many years of struggle, they did not achieve the elusive success they dreamed of. They all believed that the old man had some money hidden somewhere which would make their lives more comfortable. This was their inheritance and they were going to get their share.

The dying man opened his eyes and asked for a drink of water. The youngest son gave him a drink and he lay silent for a few minutes. He opened his eyes again and tried to speak. His voice was very weak and shaky. They all strained to hear his final words.  Before he could utter a word, he was caught in a spasm of coughing. The children were getting impatient. They had plans for the evening. If the old man wanted to die, he should do it quickly, they thought.

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Talent Power by Praise George (FREE Audio Book!!!)

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Talent Power 


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