Your Calling Is More Important Than Money

  1. You have a calling as an evangelist, pastor, prophet, etc, but you see people making money, so you abandoned your calling to pursue money.
    Don’t be an idiot.
    You have a calling and grace that kings and queens envy.
    Do not allow money derail your destiny.
    Pursue your assignment.

    When the rich have problems they know where to run. They are rich, but spiritual things cannot be bought, neither can they be sold. They are forced to find people who carry the grace to help them.
    I have helped billionaires.
    I know what I carry.
    Know what you carry.
    Never undermine yourself or your calling.

    A billionaire once drove to my home in a convoy of police cars. Everybody on my street wondered who they were looking for.
    They were seeking my help.
    Kings and queens will come to the brightness of your rising.
    Do not abandon your calling for money.
    It is an abomination.

    Naaman was an army general.
    He was a powerful man in Syria.
    However, Naaman had a problem that money could not solve, so he came to Elisha.
    Elisha solved his problem for him.
    You have no idea how much the rich envy what you carry.
    Never cower before anyone because of money.

    Brother Moses Aransiola told a story how a powerful man in government was fired from his job. He ran to brother Moses for help. Moses prayed. There was a reversal of that evil decision and the man was reinstated to his job.
    You may not have money now, but never abandon your calling and gifting.

    An evangelist was at lunch with a billionaire.
    God revealed a 21 digit number to a secret account to him and he told the billionaire.
    The billionaire said only him and his banker knew that number.
    He became a believer on the spot.
    God will honour you as you stay obedient to your calling.


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3 responses to “Your Calling Is More Important Than Money

  1. Thank You Man of God for allowing God to speak through you. I needed this word for the season that I am in. I have regained my focus.
    Blessings 🙌

  2. Kayode Jenrade

    Thanks for this piece sir.

  3. Kolawole Oluwafunmilayo Juliet

    Great 👍

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