The Secret Things Are With The Lord.

The Secret Things Are With The Lord.

The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things which are revealed and disclosed belong to us and to our children forever, so that we may do all of the words of this law.
Deuterronomy 29:29.

There are dimensions of our lives, our future, our assignment and our destiny that are secrets, known only to and hidden with the Lord. There are great things we are capable of accomplishing, things we have never conceived in our minds but they are written in God’s books concerning us, for us to accomplish in our time here on earth.

The Lord will not reveal these secrets to us until we ask. Some people will live and die and never know about them because they are satisfied with their mediocre lives. They will never know the books they could have written, the songs they could have written and sang, the ministries they could have started, the places they could have visited and the great people they could have met, the businesses they could have built, the schools and universities they could have founded, the orphanages, homeless shelters and hospitals they could have built, the towns, cities and nations they could have transformed with the gospel and with technology, the inventions they could have created, etc. They will never know because they never asked the Lord, they were satisfied with the mediocre and selfish lives they lived and did not bother to inquire of the Lord about his plans, his purposes and his secrets for their lives.

There is so much more to our lives than we will ever know. The Lord will not force his secrets on us. The Lord wants us to seek his secrets in the sacred place of prayer. He wants us to discover the secrets of our destiny as we spend time in prayer, exploring dimensions of his mind that we have never encountered. Prayer is not just about asking the Lord for material and financial things. Prayer is a sacred place of intimacy with the father, where he reveals his secrets to those who love him, those who desire more of him and those who seek him earnestly. When we pray, we open ourselves to God, he opens his secrets to us and his secrets change our lives. Prayer is where our true potential and possibilities are revealed to us.

When we press in prayer into the heart of the father, his secrets will be revealed to us and we will change the world.

Praise George,  October 2022 


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