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Let People Pay Their Tithes In Peace.

Hello everyone,

Let people pay their TITHES in peace.
Let them sow their seeds in peace.
Let them give towards the gospel in peace.
Let them give from a willing heart in peace.

It is NOT your money.
You did not work for it.
You did not give them the money.
Their tithing is none of your business.
Why do you have sleepless nights about what people choose to do with their money? Continue reading


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Run Your Own Race

Hello everyone,

About 14 years ago, a lady read one of my books and called me because I wrote that the statement, “Givers never lack” is not true, it is a lie designed by manipulative pastors to steal from gullible, ignorant, blind sheep.

This lady attended David Oyedepo’s winners chapel at that time and knew that I was talking about him. She said that I was ‘bold’ to write that about him. I was deeply persuaded that he was wrong on that teaching. To write such a thing in a book which sold at winners chapel itself was either boldness or stupidity, I can’t be certain which it was. Continue reading

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Does God Owe You?


It has been taught by some preachers that when you give an offering in church or donate money to a ministry or charity God is ‘indebted to you’, ‘owes you,’ will make you rich and give you financial breakthroughs. Such teachings make some christians give not with with the purpose of ┬ábeing a blessing to the body of Christ or some charitable cause but they give with the sole purpose of ‘getting something back’ for their giving.
Proverbs 3:9-10
Honour the Lord with thy substance,
and with the firstfruits of all thine increase:
So shall thy barns be filled with plenty,
and thy presses shall burst out with new wine.

The primary reason why we give is to honour The Lord. It isn’t to make The Lord indebted to us or ‘owe us something.’ It is important that we clarify our motives for giving because if our motives are wrong, what we do will not be blessed nor rewarded by The Lord. The Lord rewards us only when we obey His instructions with a right heart. Continue reading


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Understanding Giving

1. Giving demonstrates your love for the Lord.
2. Giving is a sign of your control over money.
3. Giving breaks the hold of greed in your life.
4. If you can buy a pair of shoes for $500, but can’t give $500, money is your master.
5. Never complain about what you give. Give only what you have. Give joyfully. Give without pressure. Don’t pledge money you don’t have.

6. The offering plate is not a slot machine or a Gambling Point. If you want your money multiplied, give it to Bernie Madoff.

7. Your offerings are sacred. Honour the Lord with your substance.

Your giving should be motivated by Love, not greed. If your primary reason for giving is to multiply you money, your motive is wrong. The Lord judges our motives and weighs our actions.

In Genesis, the Lord first accepted Abel, then accepted his offering. Our hearts are more important to the Lord than our offerings. If your heart is wrong, your offering, just like Cain’s, will be rejected.

The primary reason why many are not blessed is because they bring their offerings with the intention of manipulating the Lord to do something for them. We must understand that the Lord loves us and is always ready to bless us. When we worship Him with our substance, with a pure, love motivated heart, then there is a release of grace and favour on our lives. Such release will open doorways of opportunity in our lives.

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