The Lord Will Remove All Idols.

The Lord Will Remove All Idols.

The Lord wants us to have healthy relationships which bring us value. However, any person, relationship, friendship, support structure which becomes an idol and replaces your trust in the Lord will be removed from your life, so that your trust will not be in people but in the Lord alone.

Jeremiah 17:5-6, Thus says the LORD, “Cursed is the man who trusts in and relies on mankind, Making [weak, faulty human] flesh his strength, And whose mind and heart turn away from the LORD.
For he will be like a shrub in the [parched] desert; And shall not see prosperity when it comes, But shall live in the rocky places of the wilderness, In an uninhabited salt land. (Ampl)

Relationships are good and we are encouraged to have them, but they should never replace the Lord. No man or woman should become a god to you, without whom you cannot live, thrive, prosper or do well in life. That is idolatry. It is an abomination. The Lord will not allow it and will remove such a relationship, friendship or support structure from your life.

When some people walk away from me, when some relationships fizzle out, I recognise divine providence at work. I recognise that it is the Lord delivering me from dependence on the arm of flesh which will fail and disappoint me.

The Lord wants us to have healthy relationships which bring us real value, but we have to be careful that no person, relationship, friendship or support structure, becomes an idol in our lives.


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