Books by Praise George

Category: Money and Success

  • 8 Laws Of Financial Freedom
  • 8 Success Secrets of Achievers
  • Mastering Money (Book and Audio CDs)… the master secrets of financial freedom
  • Money Magnets
  • Releasing The Success Within… 5 master keys for personal empowerment individual achievement and self-fulfillment
  • Start With What You Have From Where You Are… how to start and win with your ideas and dreams
  • Success Habits
  • Success Mastery
  • The Money Book
  • Why Are You Not Rich?… understanding the difference between the rich and the poor

Category: Personal Development

  • 10 Ways to Start and Win With Your Ideas
  • Action… you can win against all odds, actualize your dream, create unlimited wealth, and fulfil your destiny.
  • Clarity… know what you want, know what to do to get it. Success is inevitable
  • Cracking The Destiny Code
  • Drive
  • One Minute Mentor
  • Talent Power (Book and Audio – listen FREE here… how to leverage your talent to become more financially rewarding for you
  • The Anatomy Of Failure… learn how to reverse failure and transform it into success
  • The Integrity Book
  • Clarity
  • The Gift of Work…Make your life a masterpiece with your work (Listen to an excerpt here )

Category: Relationships and Romance

  • 16 Deadly Women…How to recognise and avoid them (listen to an excerpt here: )
  • 21 Deadly Men…How to recognise and avoid them
  • 21 Mistakes Single Ladies Make And How To Correct Them
  • 31 Lies About Sex… learn how to master your emotions, control your passions and overcome your sexual struggles
  • Date Smart… strategies for successful dating
  • Dealing With An Irresponsible Man
  • Finding Mr. Right… a lady’s guide to finding her man
  • How To Find A Good Man… learn how to find, connect with and keep the man of your dreams
  • How To Find A Good Woman… learn how to find, connect with and keep the woman of your dreams
  • Is He The Man For Me?… a lady’s guide to knowing who’s right and avoiding who’s wrong in relationships, dating, love and marriage
  • Is She The Woman For Me?… a single man’s guide to knowing who’s right and avoiding who’s wrong in relationships
  • Laws of Attraction… a lady’s guide to personal magnetism
  • Letting Go… how to exit and unhealthy relationship and get your life back!
  • Love Is Not Blind
  • Love Is Not Stupid… how to love smart, live smart and get the best from your relationship
  • Love, Lust or Lies?… is your relationship built on true love or on a fake, flaky and false foundation?
  • Making It Work… secrets of successful relationships
  • Married Woman’s Handbook
  • Overcoming Marital Delay
  • Rules For Single Ladies… time tested secrets for personal success, relationships, marriage, dating and love
  • Rules For Single Men… time tested secrets for personal success, relationships, marriage, dating and love
  • Secrets Of The Irresistible Woman
  • Breaking Soul Ties… set yourself free from emotional and spiritual bondage
  • Testing
  • The Love Book
  • Understanding Compatibility
  • When Women Cry
  • Why Are You Not Married?… 26 keys to connect with your future partner
  • Wisdom For Single Men… a single man’s guide to living an exceptional life
  • Wisdom For Single Ladies… a single lady’s guide to living an exceptional life

Category: Novels

  • Call Centre… you never know where love will come calling
  • Once Upon A Virgin… three girls, three choices, three outcomes
  • Rescued
  • Still Friends
  • Soul Deep

Category: Other

  • Prayers For Single Ladies
  • Rules for Teens… the teenager’s guide to success in communication, relationships, academics, finance and career
  • Successful Singing… a do-it-yourself voice training, performance and music career guide


Here are a few of Praise’ 50+ titles in circulation…

the married woman's handbook date smart overcoming marital delay

rules for teens call centre 21 mistakes single men make

358 responses to “Books

  1. rules for teens

    i want to be purchasing your books and songs

  2. edgar

    I like your books the way you publised your messege to the people like how people should master money.

  3. Fowosire Olufunmilayo

    I respect your ministry and most especially your books. The few I’ve read have been so impactful. God bless u Sir.

  4. I have always had a dream of reaching the world through writing but I didn’t know how to, but after attending Praise George’s Self Publishing Seminar, My First book: “ACHIEVING FINANCIAL FREEDOM WAS BORN” and the reception has been tremendous. Praise George’s useful insights, both personally and listening to his CDs has been very helpful. ACHIEVING FINANCIAL FREEDOM is a motivational and inspirational book that teaches about the simple things that we tend to forget, overlook or take for granted, when trying to succeed financially. Many times this leads to frustration and loss of self confidence. The book reminds us that many times the only limitation to not achieving your financial success or your dream is not believing in yourself. It is an easy read that is sure to inspire you and motivate you to make a move and achieve greatness, look beyond your challenges and situations and concentrate on your passion. CHRISTOPHER ENOFE (08037433535).

  5. Dew

    Wow! I am encouraged to work my own gift. God bless you sir.

  6. Divine Key

    I will forever be thankful to you for saving me from miss time waster…

  7. friday udi

    i would like to know if your books on ,8 laws of financial freedom and 8 secrets laws of achievers are still on sale and where to get them.
    moreso,i would like to be getting an update on any of your latest seminar,plz keep me informed.

  8. Yes! What you teach is practically true.Am working on a tough book of the time! Tittled ”Why you still remain SINGLE”.I’wish your personal edition. From Ebonyi state Nigeria. How can i reach you mentor?

  9. Jay

    Dear Sir,
    I can write, speak, sing and play the guitar. But I haven’t been able to begin earning a living from these gifts. Please I need your opinion. Which of them do I start with that can begin to put food on my table in no time? Thank you for your time.

    • Jay, it’s not possible for anyone to predict which of your talents can begin to put food on your table in no time. Do a honest evaluation of what the market around you needs and how you can meet that need.


  10. joeMark

    sir, i came in contact with one of your books ‘start with what you have and from where you are’ in uyo, Akwa Ibom State and since then i’ve been looking 4 that book every where 2 get my copy but 2 no avail. Presently i’m in kaduna and still looking 4 it. I’ll be much grateful if if can help me get this life changing book anyway

  11. faith

    your books have been touching lives

  12. Hi there man of God!!!
    I just started reading your books, and I’m on a row now; currently I’ve already read six books of yours on relationships; and they’ve really taught me a lot. Though I’m not yet in a relationship; they’ve helped me see what to expect and what to look out for…
    I really like to thank you for sharing such great knowledge boldly and openly. You’ve really opened my mind. I pray that God continue using you to great heights and many people to hear the great truths you proclaim.
    God bless you!!!

  13. ‘Succeful singing’ , a nice book!

  14. giddy

    Am a young boy of seventeen years of age and just completed my senior high school education in Ghana.I have read two of your books which is 10 ways to start and win your ideas and why are you not rich?.I was veri filled with much information about finances..kudos sir!!Am now waiting patiently for my results which will grant me admission into the university.Sir,I have a dream of becoming a great financial successor like YOU and Robert Kiyosaki.
    Am now spending some holidays with my parents in italy.Sir please could you tell me which of your books that can help and direct me and where i can get them in italy?Please i need your help.

    • Gideon,
      We don’t have a distributor in Italy but if you Google my name, you will find a seller in London who may be able to send you the book if you can pay online.
      Otherwise you will have to wait till you get back to Ghana.
      All the best with your results.

  15. FAITH


  16. adwoa.takyiwaa

    Dear Praise, am 19years of age and i live in Ghana. I’m your #1 your books but i have not seen any of your books on dealing with breakups. i really need to read on that. and oh is there anything like online counseling here on your site? my career is at stake 🙂

  17. hasina

    hello! am hasina’ from madagascar isle,am 21 now,i bought date smart & ar u the right man 4 me in joburg,i lik them!!

  18. Ezra Eminent O.

    hi, Praise George, I am a pastor in Enugu, I have read some of your books and they are really loaded.
    I think every young man should read your books, so I want to buy your books in bulk and resell them here in Enugu. how do I get this done as soon as possible.
    pls, reply me.

  19. Kayode Jenrade

    Your books have been a blessing to me. U are great. Pls keep it up. Am in Oyo State, how can I get yr seminar package? Thanks.

  20. Joy

    Hi sir your book has really affected my life positively, especially ‘Is He The Man For Me’. Kudos to you and glory be to the Lord.

  21. Danny Abu Kads

    I live in Ibadan, pls where can I buy like 80 percent of your books. Can I place a order if you can deliver to me? If yes, pls send an account details to my inbox ASAP. Thx. Danny Kads,

  22. Kibugula Kibugula

    Hi Brother,
    Just some fews days back i purchsed four of your books, i never either seen nor read them before. But going through them, you gave me new power to restart my fallen business. i blamed my self why i did not see them before. Like other guys, I promise you that I will buy the rest of your series though the book shop where I purchsed them are in scarcity copies. Otherwise, I salute you for good books. – Kibugula. Dar es Salaam. Tanzania

  23. Kibugula Kibugula

    What can i do if i want your books in bulk. I am at Dar es salaam Tanzania.

  24. Danny kads Japhar

    Hi Praise George, Thx for your prompt response sir. I will go out in search of of Odusote book shops this week. God bless you sir.


  25. i am a youth pastor wishing to push my writings into the market, tell me your story, how you became a success in the midst of so many similar titles in the market.

  26. Glory Enwereuzor

    wonderful nd very impactful books u hav there…. may God continue to inspire nd give u more knowledge for your work ahead. thnks 4 the impact and Godbless.

  27. MERSHACK , University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

    Hello Praise! I really think u are the exact picture of what i always dream to be. I have this conviction in me that u are really my role model. Honestly i haven’t read much of your books but i saw a copy of your book SUCCESSFUL SINGING and i read just your profile on the net. man i feel like i have known u for a century. i really like u and want to be like u.But i have a serious problem and i need your HELP: my dreams to become a successful person like u have been so heavy on my heart and mind; sometimes i find it very difficult to even sleep. I’m scared i’ll loose my fortune.Please do you have a book on such a situation that can help me??

    • You should get my books: Talent Power, The Gift Of Work, Action, Drive, Cracking The Destiny Code, Start With what You Have From Where You Are and Clarity. These books will set you on a course of success.

  28. counselor amoquandoh

    dear praise George
    am Ghanaian and pastor and author of five books and i want to come to your school for training, please i want to know the time duration and course involve thank you. and hope to hear from you soon.

    yours in Christ
    pastor counselor

  29. Augustine Moses

    I’m so inspired in your book love lust or lies? I like the message you pass across to people who are blind about their relationship. I read the book over and over again, because it prepares me to talk to my friends and family, who are involved in wrong relationship. Keep it up.

  30. Where can i get some your book in Ghana, Kumasi to be precised…Please let me know now…… desperate for them …thanks.

  31. Mr Ernest otchere

    Thanks God for you life

  32. Sabastina Ellingsworth

    I will be glad if I can get access to books and buy. I can let me know to get get and buy. thabks

  33. Sabastina Ellingsworth

    I will be glad if I can get access to your books and buy. can you let me know where to get them and buy. thanks

  34. Samuel O-Y . Mensah

    Samuel O-Y. Mensah
    Sir, indeed, ur books are very good”MAKING IT WORK” a powerful literature has turned my life around.

  35. Thank you Mr. Praise very much. Like I have come across your books earlier, I wouldn’t have made certain mistakes in life. I have just read one of your books title UNDERSTANDING COMPATIBILITY. Am just glad that, I have come across this kind of books. I will continue reading your books
    to educate my friends, family and everybody. Thank you.

  36. peter mawaya

    I am a malawian boy who has been inspired by your book “letting go”how can i access your other books.

  37. Nneka

    Hi, praise George. Ur books are very encouraging and motiving. When a first heard of u i never knew ur a nigerian. Keep it up, u’ ve changed alot of people’s life from ur gift. May God continue to bless u. Amen!

  38. lots of courage, let God continue to inspire you.

  39. Ifeoma

    Praise George God will bless u 4 ur works. Plz how can I gt ur book, The right man 4 me

  40. i really happy to encounter one of your book, name wisdom for single ladies infact am blessed with the book God will continue be your backbone in Jesus Name.

  41. GOWOK

    Sir, my names are, GOWOK EMMAUNEL JAMES , A Nigerian, From Plateau State, But based in Kaduna State, am 25yrs old.Please i would like you to be my mentor. I love you sir. My ears are itching to hear from you.


    More grace to u. U have few books on the married, can u pls write more.

  43. Cecilia

    Wow!!!,i read jst a book 4rm u ‘wisdom 4 single ladies’ its powerful,its all i had need al dis while. God bless u more. Cecilia

  44. Cecilia

    Am yearning 2 read more of ur books after d 1st one,hw can i get ur books xpecially on relatnships,am currently in abeokuta.bless u

  45. korede kehinde

    mr praise george, tanx 4 ur book it has really helped me allot. 4r minna

  46. Amaka

    How do i get ur books sir


    Iam a regular reader’s of your books and Iam staying in Otukpo, Benue State of Nigeria then. Iam now in Lagos in Olowogbowo Street, Ilupeju, Lagos State. I have been looking for the book which title is “Start with what you have from where you are”. Where can i get it in Ilupeju and its environs. Thanks and remain Blessed.

  48. lilian

    thanks for your motivational ever leading books

  49. Daddy ,thanks for such wonderful n inspirational messages n books. I started reading ur books when i was in shs 2,my classmates used to fight over ur books as to who to read first,im now out of shs,ur books have really made me a woman of substance,im inspired.God Bless you so much

  50. Akpan David

    Hello George, keep on with your great works. May d good lord continue 2inspire u with knowledge & wisdom in your service 2mankind.

  51. Mariane

    Hello, i am a young girl i have been reading your books and i really love them. I just wanted advice on how to get th attraction of a good guy and character

  52. Rachel Emmanuel

    your books has really changed my mind set. i pray that d almighty god strengthen u with d great work ahead of u. bless u sir.

  53. uzochukwu ogbuagu

    Pls where can I get your books. I reside in abuja nigeria. Thanks.

  54. Sir i love to read more of your books cos just only one(love is not stupid) but i follow your post and tweet.i will glad if i can get a place around ogun state to shop your books and looking for more emails.thanks God bless

  55. Like hw many moths can i spend in dating a man.

  56. olenamhe favour

    great words of wisdom.



  58. Andrew Evi

    Hi,master george. Ur book’s has really transform my life,after reading ur book success within, and why are u not rich? More grace to U.

  59. Sir please my Emmanuel Quaye based in Ghana,sir i really enjoy your books, because it really encourages me when things are not moving well.sir please i want you to be my adviser and my father as well.bless you and take care

  60. my name is Nnaemeka Onyeka an Upcoming Actor/Model and would like to bring you to GHANA to be a motivational speaker please let me know how that would be possible

  61. Chisomo

    Good work

  62. Bro. Michael Oladele

    I do enjoying your books, God will back you up the more, it is well with you, keep it up, we will all meet in heaven, in JESUS name, amen.

  63. Folakemi Hannah

    God is your strenght, it well wth you, we will not miss heaven, in jesus name, amen.

  64. Michael Oladele

    it is well with you, keep-up

  65. Isagba Beauty

    Your ministry and books is people.

  66. I want to get some of your books,but i am in malawi,how do i access them? Please help.

  67. Edimeh Alfred

    Good day sir. I will like to commend your work. I bought one of your audio CD’s ‘Mastering Money’ from Tee EL Tee bookshop in Jos. It is a master piece! I can only but say: Thank you and God mightily bless you!

  68. i really luv ur books bcos it has motivated nd changed my mindset. But i dont understand d what it means to b an approachable woman nd i will like to know d qualities dat an approachable woman posses.

  69. Grace

    Greetings sir, im in Johannesburg South Africa and i would love to purchase some of your books, where can i find them?

  70. isaac obeng

    sir,please,i want to sell you can i be a distributor.-isaac obeng(accra,ghana)(

  71. omolola

    reading “is he the man for you” was really enlighten ,wish i read it earlier.
    May God continue to inspire you.

  72. Larry

    Hello Sir, please how can be a team player in my relationships.I therefore want to take this opportunity to thank you for your book “wisdom for single men” which really bless me,God bless you sir.

  73. 16 Deadly Women How TO RECOGNISE AND AVOID THEM is must read book to e very man.

  74. Larry

    Thanks sir for the reply;pls can you send me your contact and the price of the book for i am interested.

  75. Ampiah Barnabas

    God bless you for the good work you are doing.

  76. mr.bwire

    u so greatfully,i real inspired with u a iz lik my direction towards my life..liv long..

  77. ikechukwu

    Sir u are really a blessing to our generation. I want to attend ur seminar or get d resouces on writing books. I also will love to be one of ur distributors here. I will love to send u a private mail cos I need counsel from u.

  78. lobojo james obadia

    The world will never remain the same if people out there can spare time reading your books. from South Sudan. mighty blessings Praisegeorge.

  79. Natasha Phiri

    Hey, just wondering where i can get hold of your books in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ive seen some of your quotes and they are beautiful. Would like a book of my own. Please send me an invoice of places i can get some. Thanx. May you continue with you inspiring words.

  80. Natasha Phiri

    Hello, just wondering where i can get hold of your books in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ive seen some of your quotes and they are beautiful. Would like a book of my own. Please send me an invoice of places i can get some. Thanx. May you continue with you inspiring words.

  81. Marian Jimmy

    I love your books for they’re very educative to me . Keep it up.

  82. vivian

    Greetings Sir,
    Assuredly,you are my mentor.


  83. vivian

    your books and stories are straight from the heart,hitting the nail on the head and is truth. God bless you .


  84. john brown(jr)

    am highly favour read one of d books of the great man of God PRAISE GEORE.when ever i read inspirational books 4rm great men of God like PRAISE GEORE,i alway tank God 4 them.i was bless when i finish readin a book MAKING IT WORK, 21 secrets of Successful Relationship ,i even post some oe the key statement in my face book .i don’t kwn hw i can other book 4rm d same author

  85. Ojile eleche

    Thanks u so much for God has use to help me in my relationship life. I will like to get ur books can i knw ur distributed outlet in plateau state. pls send me n email or text me d address. Although i prefer text 08060556733 thanks sir.

  86. Cybill

    Dear Mr Praise,
    Reading through some of the posts on your blog and cliché or not, I find them very interesting, educative and nurturing, and so in view of this, I would like to make a request that you post more of these more frequently.

    What I even find more interesting and captivating is that most of your messages are emphasized on “Relationships”, considering the fact that a major percent of the youth population (and surprisingly, even the elders) are misguided and have got the vilest knowledge and ideas as regards this subject.

    We all need that grace and divine direction to do the right things and happily for us, we have you for your inspirations and teachings to offer us that.

    Regards Sir,

  87. Gudday Sir,I am lady of 27yrs ever since i av been dating no man ever get committed 2 me,even if i love them wit all my heart dey ll dissapoint at the end,i just read one of your novel(Overcoming marital delay) and their are some point their dat may be causing my delay. now i really need your advice,i want 2 start a new relationship but am scared.

  88. odee francis

    really inspiring topics

  89. Dinga
    I am a BSc degree holder in Economics. i really need your books because i want to be very successful like you but i don’t know where to get them if you can help me i will be very grateful. i’m in Cameroon ,Limbe precisely

  90. How i wish u were 2 be ma dad¿¿,,,i could have……………..

  91. Atam Glory Takeh

    you have truly inspired me and made my relationship move to the next level.i know it is the power of God of working via you.i have the book prayer for single ladies and another one that has to do with marriage and sex.i just want to say thank God and thank you . may you continue to get more inspiration to write more books. but i wish you would make it possible for us in Cameroon to purchase you books.

  92. Hello praise i av read your book of start with what you have from where you are and am motivated to lay down my strategic goal of achievement and may you guide me on more other books required for my goal to be achieved in life?
    God bless u
    am emmanuel in uganda

  93. Bella

    I love this but dont know where to get it

  94. mia

    i’m mia,frm rivers state a scientist hav gone tru most of ur books its a gud fud2 d singles.thers a problem dt hv bein botherin m,a guy frm mychildhood asked m2marry him he said he luvs m bt he didnt go2 schl.wen i was in d university i askd him 2buy a jamb form bt he preferd his wrk to sch.i rili nid a man dts ahead of m and myparents wil nt accept him cos of his education and they said i cnt marry outsid my state,it was bcos of myparent i askd him to go to schl atleast if his nt frm mystate he can b a holder pls sir i nid ur kind advice.dis guy truly luvs m and he is d only serious guy dt wnt to marry m bt d problm is dt he cnt assist m financialy and is it gud to luv som one witout supportin d girl u luv? .thank you Sir,wil b waitin for ur gud Godly advice.

  95. Paxina

    I love your book kindly send me tips on 8 laws of financial freedom

  96. raphael okai

    am in ghana and been searching for your books but i dont get them,,,kindly direct me to a dealer to enable me to buy one to read instead of me spending my money on Guinness.I want to start a business of my own,i have a house with a big compound ,if it were you who owns my house with this big compound what will do with it..?answer me please .I have only planted some plantains on that compound but i want to make it more useful to start some business at home .

  97. Motsemoholo

    31 lies about sex made me realize how we make mistake in our lives before marriage.

    I love your books George

  98. Kiyimba Mugagga

    Dear George Praise, thank you especially for your book ‘Action’ it inspired me write a book ”the key to prosperity”. I need your advise on how to sell my book.

  99. Akinbande olugbemi

    God as make u a blessing to dis generation and to my lif reading your book av ad a lot to my lif am 24years of age am tinkin of bessiness I can do which I know u can help which book can I reed thank u sir

  100. Ahmed

    Pls where can i get the e-book “Successful Singing”.

  101. Alfred Tugume

    Thanks for your inspirational pieces. Where can i buy your books in Uganda


  102. Ella

    Hi sir, am Ella, 28 yrs old, I ve read some of ur books which ve bin vry enlightening, am really confused right now cos no relationship of mine seems to be working. Pls advice me .

  103. James Aquench

    I am so much in love with books because reading your books changed my and i believe it will for my brothers and sisters my name is James from Ghana where can i puchase your books to sell I want to sell I will be very grateful Thanks God bless you

  104. bulime peter

    hello praise,thanks so much for the great work u r doin,i read your book which states that START WITH WHAT U HAVE FROM WHERE U ARE and i was realy blessed!! M a UGANDAN by nationality but m now working in Dubai!! so may i kindly know where i can get your books from this side??_ Can u believe that after reading that book,i got strength and started with what i had from where i was and m now in UAE+!!!! thanks so much and i pray that the LORD blesses u with more and more WISDOM and may HE enlarge yo territories and see HIS goodness in JESUS’s name

  105. Njei Kingsly Achiri

    Hello Praise How can i get your book in Yaounde-Cameroon. The books are so inspiring. Njei Kingsly Achiri

  106. Emmanuel Baah Duodu

    Hello sir,i read your book titled”why you are not rich” and i must say i have been enlightened….thank you very much for sharing such rich information with the whole world….Emmanuel Duodu

  107. Dzifa

    Hello sir,i’m in Ghana i have read your book titled 21 deadly men and why do you act as his wife,it has really taught me a lot.But i have a little problem which i normally find it difficult getting some your books.please help us tell the book depot to get more of your books.Your are really a blessing to we the youth,God richly bless you.

  108. theophilus

    Thanks for the Rules for teens.

  109. chinwe

    hello sir, how can i get ur contact?

  110. hillary iroegbu 08066620916

    helo sir do u have an office/shop in portharcourt?

  111. Wow,..there are a ton of books here. Great Job sir, but I’m in ukraine so it might not be available to me until I come back home in June. Thanks sir. I’ll definitely grab some for me and my friends back home.I’ll email you as soon as I decide on which ones I need.

  112. Julius Peter Komagum

    Hello am called Julius Peter Komagum from Uganda. Am come into contact with some of ur books,like “Action,Mastering money and Start with what you have from where you are.” And they have inspired me so much.Thank u so much how can i aquire more and can i get them online?

  113. fred

    This is really great collection keep this up, May God bless u

  114. Tolu

    please sir, where on the island can i get any of your books?

  115. Deborah stephen

    Hi praise george.My name is deborah stephen,i read three of ur books nd am lookin 4ward 2 read d rest.More elbow 2 ur hands nd keep d work going

  116. Ferguson

    good work sir may God kip u in jesus name.


    Sir,since 2009 i peruse through your book titled love is not stupid and the act of successfull singing, i wish to have them for my self but how and where cos i’m in portharcourt

    • You can find my books in Christian bookshops. If they don’t have them, they can help you get them.

    • Alfred Edimeh

      Good afternoon sir. You have an interestingly long list of titles that provides solutions to the many challenging issues of our time.

      However, getting your books is an uphill task. I have called Genesis bookshop, Abuja 3 times now and Iam always not getting anything.

      I work and stay in Abuja, where in your opinion can I get nearly all your works? I want them in both audio books and in prints.

      Warm Regards

      Alfred 08189891003.

  118. waana

    May God bless u.your books really build me

  119. EMMAH

    am in love with a girl how can i tell that she loves me back,i proposed today how long should i wait for the reply or does it need me to follow up

  120. Basil Ujam

    Good day Sir,
    I sent you an email requesting how to get supplies of your books in order to resale but I did not get a reply. Your books blessed my life while i was single, hence i want to put it in the hands of others but its not in any bookshop here in kaduna. Kindly advice
    God bless you.

  121. My prayer life has been raised to another level having read your book entitled ” PRAYER for CHANGE” You are a great channel of blessings Brother George!
    Pastor Francis Chomba
    Ebenezer Assembly- Lusaka, Zambia

  122. alan

    lovely books we would to have a store of yo books in rwanda you are really inspiring to african community and the rest of the the world keep it up and keep on teachin the whole world. respect man

  123. ojile linuson

    I like all your books, I have purchased all that are in line with my personal life and i have also recommend some of the books to my friends. pray that God will continue to give you more inspiration. Amen.

  124. please how can i have access to your book online

  125. chikky

    Your books are motivating.God bless you real good.

  126. wafula geoffrey

    I am wafula,ugandan. “Indeed what an old man sees when he is seated,a young man can’t even if he climbs a tree.” Thank u mentor Praise. Praise be unto the Lord.

  127. Anna Njume

    Praise , u inspire me a lot. Thank u very much. God bless u!!

  128. i came across your books from a hawker at a bus stage and i was attracted by the book titles “business success” and “mastering money” i was double minded to look at them.finally i decided to call the hawker and looked in to the books after going through the table of contents i was convinced to buy 4 books at ago since then i have adopted the reading culture and i can frankly say that you inspired me to read books for individual development.

  129. Msugh Collins

    I enjoyed reading your book titled “Action”.I wish I had all your books to read… God bless you sir.

  130. muuber spider robert

    thanks for the good book but i want to learn more

    • muuber spider robert

      Praise, am a young man of 31yrs old and i came accross you books on street thus ‘start with with what you have and mastering money’
      am really want to stop this life of stragling and have something that i can leave behind for my handsome son.
      How can you help me more


    i’m grateful, u inspire me in ur message to us thank u so much may God bless u

  132. Ephraim Victor

    This site is very educative please continue with your good work. Best regards.

  133. DGreat Ambassador

    More power to your elbow in Jesus Name. Amen
    But sir, is there any way I can download some of your books on net? (I mean mobile PDF).



    Dear i’m very glad reading the titles of your books but unfortunately never read them. i’m unfortunate person coz i bought one when i went where i come from somebody stole it and it was a chance getting it. I come from Arua Uganda there is no particular place where the books are sold from in uganda. May i know whether somebody can download some of your literature from your website; because they are so inspirational in a person’s life thanks for teaching us

  135. ssajjabi mpuuga Ivan

    Nice ßooks

  136. Nantongo Lillian


  137. Rayan hardi

    I need some of de books and i love it, or can i read here? Please sir, is there any i can download some of ur books via mobile or pc. Am 19yrs of age and need to come out with somethig.

    Thank you sir

  138. chidiebere favour

    pls i stay in port harcourt how can i get praise george books.

  139. Oliver Wesseh

    I Like Your Books, But Can’t Find Them To Buy. I Also Have A Passion Of Becoming A Motivatonal Speaker. What Shoud I Do?

  140. autumn

    My goal right now is to have all of your intelligent books within a year. You give me hope..

  141. Gabriel Tetteh

    The books are full of wisdom

  142. Muhumuza Joseph Otafiire

    Thank you for waking me up otherwise i was sleeping God bless you.

  143. Ruth

    I love your books sir.. I have 10 of your books

  144. lilian chioma

    Is to ok to ask a guy I just met what he really wants with me or will that be too forward? I like a guy but am not sure why he is with me.

    • I assume he likes you that is why he s with you, but assumptions can be wrong. If you just met him, you should give him time to study you, know you, make up his mind and tell you why he is with you. If he doesn’t share anything with you within 90 days, then you can ask him what his intentions are.

  145. please praise george,I have a library of your books,what i must do now is action.send me your e-mail for some question.haggai

  146. Caleb Byiringiro

    Keep it George you have extremely inspiring books!


    Hello sir, how do I order your books for my personal and public library system? Also I need copies for resale….thank you for the great work I ve enjoyed through your books sir…..

  148. Saintoduro Stephen

    father what I have to say is that may good Lord bless you and your books.

  149. Gum Makur Gum

    Dear Praise, iam indeed impress by your books especially start with what you have from where you are. you have inspire the world, please i want to become a writer like you. tell me where
    to start but i know it will not be an easy task because i come from the country where ideas are not appreciated. (South Sudan). God bless you.

  150. Atta Adomako David Junior

    wooooow am really intouch with your books and I want to know if I can read them online or purchase them online and install them in my phone thanks

  151. Beryl

    Dear Praise George
    I am from Cote d”Ivoire a speaking french country.I have read your book “Mastering Money”.Ii discoverd great and marvelous lessons that I want to share with speaking french country people.I m interested to translate this book from english to french so lot of french people can discover the richess lessons you teach in.
    Tell me how to make it possible.I am ready for a partnership
    Thank for your answer.

    Habib Ouattara from Cote d’Ivoire.

  152. solange psalms

    dear Praise
    am indeed bless with the book title TESTING. The book made me to redress my step and give a second thought before getting into any relationship again. God bless u and give i more insight in order to do more for this our generation,

  153. kasibante hassan junior

    I like your books george but there few in uganda eastafrica

  154. Mathias

    you have good books that changing people lives. How can we get your books (especialy mastering money books) in Tanzania (Mwanza and Dar es Salaam cities)?

  155. xtian jeff ssembuya

    ur the man mr george just like ur na
    me georgious

  156. Emmanuel

    I want to I will I know right woman for me

  157. olayinka

    Hi sir, when am about to start a relationship i go true your book (Rules 4 single men) and i followed all d steps in it to my surprise i ve d most smoothly relationship i could ever imaging. so after that i now purchased (lost love or lies) but now am still looking forward to get more of your books, but am not in Lagos am in osun state at osogbo. please where can i get your book here

  158. olayinka

    pls where can i get ur books at osogbo

  159. Your books are real great and helpful in many aspects of life

  160. stella

    pls sir am a reader of your books, how can I read them online? sir

  161. omale freedom

    how can i get ur books in whole price in abuja.

  162. Gloria

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  163. Tusingwire

    Start with what u hav where u r is steadly shaping my life to success. Thanks to George.

  164. Romaric Sonlui Forbia

    Your books are just awesome and I’m a blessed man today due to them. Thanks sir. More grace

  165. Mercy Olaleye

    I want to be updated on marriage seminars organised by Praise George and other activities.

  166. Eunice Kolawole

    May God strengthen u sir

  167. Pasy

    Sir i really appreciate what you do you books are really enriching my spirit im in cameroon is there a bookshop were i can find this books here especially about relationship

  168. Debbie

    Good day sir.I just came across this and I was wondering if I could get some of your books on relationship , financial success and personal development in ilorin. ll be expecting your reply soon.Thank you.

  169. Rugambwa Innocent

    I love Praise Georges books dey a so inspirational.

  170. William Mensah

    where will I some of your books to buy

  171. ADEBOLA

    pls how can i get your book tittle: testing
    am living at Ikare Akoko ONDO STATE

  172. I came across your book – Talent Power – for the first time at Abuja last December. I borrowed it because I couldn’t finish reading it before I returned to Port Harcourt. I have since returned it to the owner. The book is a blessing to me and I’ve been on the watchout for more of your writings and a frequent visitor to your blog.
    I did a review of the book on my website.
    The Lord is using you to bless & transform lives.
    Keep up the good work.
    Thank you

  173. Emmanuel Ushie

    Being Priviledge To Study Understanding Compartibility By Praise George… I Appreciate God For The Insight Shared. The Lord Increase You More. Sir, I’m A Final Year Student @ Rivers State University.. Currently Based In Portharcourt. Would Realy Love To Get More Of Your Books, Especially Understanding Compartibility. The Copy I Had, I Purchased @ Bible Wonderland In PH. The Book Really Blessed Me, Hence, Felt I Didn’t Have To Keep The Knowledge To Self Had To Share It With Good Friends. Please, How Can I Access Your Books. Thanks.

  174. Oprah

    I’ve ever read some books of yours and I want to read others, how can I get them?? is it possible to buy online?

  175. powergospelministries

    Greetings sir,
    Richard Mulond is my name and I am from Zambia. I am reading The Gift of Work right now and I am getting blessed.
    I saw your book in intitled BUSINESS SUCCESS in this and this is why I came on internate to set my eyes on it but I can’t find. Is bussiness success and success habits the same?
    Please I ask that you would email me to the information I need.
    Thank you so much sir, God bless you.

  176. Charles Christopher Cudjoe.

    MaY. I know yourlatestt book and its title.

  177. hello sir
    my names are BRYAN MOFFATS am one of the people that you have inspired with your book such as ;;;;

  178. Noah

    Praise George GOD as bless u to be a blessing to others by writing great books

  179. Okechukwu. s.kingsley

    Great job to my able man praise george, sir I have the spirit of being author of different books in time to come, but I need a coach like you to help me in this. It is really my calling but I find it difficult to do it alone. Thanks to you sir I will be grateful for your reply.

  180. Nelson ishike

    Mr George, greetings sir,am finding it difficult to get your books here in pH,pls would u be kind enough to assit me with directions to any specific bookshop in pH or how I could get them.
    virtually all the mega bookshops I have visited turned me down
    God continue to bless u sir


    thank u sir for coming to abuja we are happy haveing you sir

  182. adeola

    I need an audio/video disc of Mastering money

  183. Ogbeihe Cajetan

    hello Sir, I bought and listened to your audio book mastering money and I enjoyed it so much . Please I would like to sale some of your books and cd’s in my shop so how can I get started and where can I get the products @ wholesales price ?

  184. Churchill Bwalya

    Please Man of God tell me how to purchase your Books especially ACTION,MONEY MAGNET,8 LAWS OF FINANCIAL FREEDOM

  185. Grace Amarachi Brown

    How can i get your books in Accra Ghana.Thanks

  186. Adeleke Akintola

    how can i get your books in benin city

  187. Richard

    Please am in Ghana and I want to purchase your books.

  188. Dammylarry

    Man of God i ave been blessed so much wit ur books and messages. Bt sir i masturbate as a guy wat can i do am fed up

  189. pls I want to learn from you sir

  190. Dear Dr Praise George,
    You are the brain behind my success.
    All through my high school and uni days your books kept me going.
    Please I will like want to purchase a copy of every book you have.
    This is my contact.
    Kindly guide me on how to go about the purchase.
    I also want to book counseling sections to improve my relationship life i have temprament issues.
    Looking forward to hearing from you. I will be honored if you respond.
    Thank you sir.
    Dr Leoni.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I will contact you shortly.

      • Lauben Tukamuhebwa

        Dear george its pleasure for every body to read your inspirational books they are very interesting and they are behind my achievements and my progress at the moment. AM in uganda how can i get all edition of your books and re sell them

  191. Song Kisito .N. (Kandy B Song)

    Your works (Books) are so inspirational, thank you Praise George. May the Almighty continue to grant you His spirit for your good work.
    I love them though I’ve read a few, I’m looking forward to reading more of them. God Bless You.

  192. Echonyu Joseph

    ilove your books Praise Geoge,am blessed ineed more updates on your seminar and when you publish new books,where can iget them in uganda? God bless you.

  193. Ken

    Greetings, erudite George Praise, you are indeed a precious gift to Mankind. Those pieces of valuable books are one of my sources of happiness on my daily basis. May God continue to enlarge your coast while his infinite blessings abound in your life. Sir, how may i have access to the soft copies of those invaluable handiwork of yours?
    Thank you so much Sir.
    Looking forward to getting a feedback.
    Remain Blessed.

  194. I need your book titled SUCESS HABIT. i have been searching for the book since 2015 and have not gotten some. am in Accra and where can i get one.

  195. Dipsonke

    Hello Sir, Praise George it has been a pleasure for me reading some of your books before i traveled out of the country… Sir please where can i get your books in Lagos/Ogun State for my junior ones cause she has been looking for it and unable to get it… please give a direction of where to get your books in Lagos or Ogun state… Thanks so much sir

  196. Chimwemwe kawoloka

    How can I get hold of the novel once upon a virgin?

  197. bosco

    please am in Ghana where can I find some of books to buy

  198. Covenant Daerego

    Good morning Sir, I have tried so many Christians book stores in search of your books within Port Harcourt and Warri in Nigeria. Where can I find your books? I need many of them.
    Pls revert.

  199. I want to download success singing

  200. michael stephen [aka michael cardew jr]

    thank you very much mr praise just finished reading success habits for the third time am blessed sir more grace.

  201. Charles George

    Good evening Mr Praise George, I’ve been listening to your audio presentation titled mastering money and inspired me so much. Thanks for the good work. More grace for greater works .
    However , I’m a book seller and I need copies your books in the money and success category, especially mastering money (plus CDs).
    Please where in Warri or Benin can I get to buy. Please give me a number I can call or any alternative way I can get the books to buy.
    Thanks and God bless you.

  202. Jared ongeri

    Hie and regards, I am Jared. From South Africa. I run book shops. We want to stock your books in big numbers. We no longer Easly find them. Please . its urgent.

  203. Sophia Nakanwagi

    Hello Mr. Praise George I am Sophia from Uganda, personally appreciating the great work God is granting you to transform, bless heal, encourage, challenge, rescue and restore hearts and souls in different aspects of life! May The Lord continue to render His special Grace upon the works of your hands that you continue to serve the purpose please . I’m kindly kindly inquiring on how to access your other books in Uganda Kampala because I got 2 and wish to have more 20 + by His Mighty Grace. And I was wondering if you have please written any book concerning “single motherhood or parenting” would wish to discover more on how to handle that other side of life too. Thank you very much sir.

  204. Sir good day right now I’m stranded because I trusted a guy much that I gave him all of my business capital to manage in a small business I just started while I work else were to raise more capital and he ran away with everything now he is no where to be found. Please what do I do from here? I was inspired to start with what u have from your book (business success)

    • Quite an unfortunate situation. You mean you trusted a total stranger with all your money? What about your savings, did he abscond with that?
      You should report the matter to the law enforcement authorities to look into it.

      You will start with what you have from where you are. This time I hope you apply some common sense to protect yourself and your business.

  205. Monte Aristide

    Please where can i purchase Praise George books in Cameroon?

  206. Deng machot

    very educative books.. start with what you have from where you are is my favorite

  207. Benjamin Danquah

    Hi Praise George
    Could you let me know how to get your book on testing?.
    Someone recommended it to me.
    I am in Ghana

  208. Hello Praise George. You can call me Ermibee, the CEO of a group of small business entities called the Ermibee Group in Ghana.
    A few years ago, whilst still very broke, I read one of your books entitled ‘Success Habits’. That book has transformed me. And I have always strongly recommended that particular book to anyone who inquires of me tit bits for financial success.
    I will be very privileged to speak at one of your programs when I get more successful to attest to the fact that that book really helped me get that far.
    How do we get in touch please Uncle George?

  209. Hello I first of all thank you very much I am a Cameroonian I read your book anatomy of failure and it was very interesting it encouraged and inspired me on how to manage my projects.I wish to know where I can get your books just in cameroon of my greatest problem in life is fear

  210. obed wakumelo

    I am obed from zambia, western province. I really love your books. Is there any way i can download them?

  211. Daniel

    Where can I get your books in Ekpoma, Edo state sir?

  212. samula zakiyu

    am so interested in your publication.

  213. biancanancy

    I want a copy of your book why are you not married 29 keys to attract the love of your life.
    Kindly assist on how I can have a copy.

  214. Sunday Sunday


  215. Edechu Joshua

    Please can I be helped I need all the copies of praise George books can the publisher help direct me on how ican get all the copies for my home library I’m a scholar/ a reader/ a book warmer , so indeed ineed help, from Uganda.

  216. Edechu Joshua

    Please who can help cost yr books and help me locate where ican purchase them from in Uganda? All that you have written?

  217. Frank Ntambara

    I like your books george

  218. Tumwesigye Moses

    I would wish kindly to read these books online I don’t have money to by them thank you very much may the almighty God bless you abundantly.

  219. precious ebise

    I love to get daily financia training on my Gmail weekly sir

  220. Your books are so valuble. My favorite is Money Magnets, wow! It’s mind opening. Thanks for writing them.


    2011 Was the first time i read your book , since then my entire life had been transformed .i now understand the reality of life not to depend on anyone again for success but to know that success is within me .thank you very much MAY God bless you ABUNDANTLY.FROM :GREAT DENNIS HORLALI DENILSON ( ACCRA -GHANA )

  222. Rhoda tetteh

    Your books are in clear writing and have strong contents

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