For Single Ladies. That Frog is Not A Prince.

For Single Ladies. That Frog is Not A Prince.

1. A frog is a man who is totally unsuitable for you. He is a man of bad character.

2. Women who like frogs are RESCUERS. A rescuer is a woman who wants to ‘help’ men who have character issues or who are ‘down on their luck’. The problem with rescuing a frog is that, first, it will not turn into a prince and second, it wants a female frog for a wife.

3. Kissing or trying to develop a relationship with a frog will not magically transform it into a prince. The frog will relish and enjoy your passionate kisses but will rather die a frog than allow you to positively influence his life.

4. If you want a prince for a husband, you should be looking in a different direction. Stop chasing frogs. Leave them alone! A princess can only get married to a prince. If you attract only frogs, maybe there are some elements of frog in you which you may have to deal with before you find your prince.

5. Frogs don’t change. No mater how much love, care and affection you devote to a frog, it will retain it’s genetic code and do the things that frogs do.

6. A frog may look good on the outside, but if you observe his character and lifestyle, you will realise that he is not the one for you.

7. A frog uses his success and wealth to deceive covetous ladies into a relationship. Never equate success or wealth with character. Contentment will deliver you from the hands of rich frogs.

8. A man of character will never hang out with frogs. If all his friends are frogs, guess what, that dude is a frog.

9. Infatuation may blind you to the ‘frog characteristics’ of the creature you are in a relationship with. However, telling yourself the truth will save you months, or perhaps years of avoidable pain.

10.Don’t take that frog home with you hoping for a miracle to happen. I will advice that you leave that frog exactly where you found it and look for your prince.



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26 responses to “For Single Ladies. That Frog is Not A Prince.

  1. Olabisi Oluwafunsho

    This is woderful.I love the insight,God bless you sir.

  2. TM

    True Talk!!! Thanks alot PG, I”ve learnt to wait patiently for my prince to locate me cos i’ll neva want to end up with a frog.God bless u sir!

  3. PG thanks 4 dat beautiful advise frog dnt change no matter hw u try to, l pray dat young ladies of our days can understand nd stop b desperate.

  4. This is wonderful advice. But how can a frog change if he/her discover their weakness?

  5. Ago

    I want to know the content And characteristics of a frog for easy identification.

  6. RJ

    True Word. Thanks PG u r indeed a blessing. More Grace.

  7. Thank you for this awesome totally teachable lesson, it is something to think about. God please help me to discern. Thank u for the husband that u have in store for me. Your choice not mine. Let me yield into ur obedience

  8. sunom

    God bless u sir….tanx for d advice am a princess and cant settle for less.

  9. Chimwemwe Nkhoma

    i like this website,your tips are realy helping ones,am helped

  10. alsia

    thanks so much for your advice and inspirational messages. May God bless you and keep you safe. Amen

  11. ANDREW

    sir for what God is using to do in the lives of youth, i pray from the dept of my heart, may the Lord bless u real good. Amen.

  12. Endless jewel

    I love so much. Praise keep it up, more grip to your elbow. I wish you heaven at last@ remain bless.

  13. Endless jewel

    Thank you

  14. Great post. Really insightful.

  15. Opemipo

    Tanx i luv dis

  16. michael majekodunmi

    am benefit from your messages, God will strenght you. please continue, it is well with you daddy.

  17. michael majekodunmi

    God is your strenght, your messages is changing life, home to better, it is well with you sir, keep it up

  18. Mira Amman

    This a gr8 job kip it up

  19. ugo

    God bless you Sir. i have learnt a great deal from this piece. i pray that i will not be deceived by any frog in Jesus name amen.

  20. I once dated a frog PG,but thank God he’s out of my life.

  21. it all makes sense praisegeorge. however my fire is dim and i want to rekindle it. i know what i did. is there a line we can call to discuss with someone?

  22. nwadike Ikechukwu


  23. Reblogged this on Emike Oyemade and commented:
    Praise George is someone who writing I respect. As a writer, i am inspired by his passion for passing his message across through writing. I met him a few times, and he exudes that same passion even in his speech. This will bless you.

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