Understanding Grace and Gifts.

Understanding Grace and Gifts.

We all won’t be millionaires. We all won’t own big businesses and corporations. We all won’t start big churches and ministries. To think we shall is to live in delusion. To teach it is to perpetrate a lie. Unfortunately many people have been sold that lie and try to live it with great frustration.

The media plays on human greed by telling us stories about super successful people, stirring desire for money and achievement in us. However, the truth is that no matter how much we long for such success, if we don’t have the grace and gift combination to attract that level of success, we won’t have it. It is that simple. Whoever tells you that God wants us all to be millionaires is telling you a lie. It is just as erroneous as saying that giving of money to a church or ministry will make you rich. Yes, it makes someone rich, but it is definitely not you doing the giving; it is probably those doing the collecting. If you want to attract money in your life, do what normal people do: work and invest for it.

We are designed to function according to the grace, gifts and purpose on our lives. Not everyone has the grace to build a world class company. Some people will work in and for some of those world class companies. Not everyone has the grace to start and build a ministry. It is important that we learn to function in the place of our purpose, grace and gifting if we want to be fulfilled.

Many things can be learned, but some things are simply the result of applying ourselves to the unique combination of grace and gifts we possess.

Grace is more than unmerited favour. It is divine enablement or ability at work in our lives to help us manifest our divine purpose. Grace creates an enabling atmosphere or environment in our lives to help us fulfill our purpose.

The grace, enablement or favour in our lives brings us into, or creates for us unique situations which help us fulfill our calling.

Grace unlocks doors and grants us access to people, places, events, and unique situations which align us with our divine purpose. Grace attracts into our lives the necessary human, intellectual, financial, social and spiritual resources required to fulfill our purpose. Grace makes certain people love us for absolutely no reason and want to dedicate their lives to our cause. Grace also makes certain people stay away from or reject us when they perceive that we are not moving in the direction of their desire.

Grace distinguishes us. It gives us a distinct voice and presence, which makes us relevant in the market place of life.

Grace brands us.

The word ‘brand’ is used in cattle rearing. A mark is burned into cattle with a hot iron, so that the owner can distinguish his herd from other cattle. This distinct mark makes the cattle instantly recognizable wherever it is. In the same way, the grace of God on your life marks you out in the arena of life.

Grace makes you hear what others don’t hear. It makes you see what others don’t see. It makes you perceive what others don’t perceive. Grace makes you hear, see, feel and perceive life in a totally different way from others. When you hear, see, feel and perceive differently, you will live differently.

Paul said, ‘By the grace of God, I am what I am.’ 1 Corinthians 15:10. This simply meant that the majority of his life experiences were unique to him because of the grace he carried. Unless you possess similar kind of grace on your life, you won’t experience what he experienced. You may desire to have his experiences but you won’t, simply because you have no grace for it.

Grace moulds you. Paul said, ‘By the grace of God, I am what I am.’ He was basically saying this: ‘I cannot be anything else, I cannot be anyone else, I cannot manifest like anyone else. The grace and gift of God on my life shapes and determines my manifestations and experiences.’ Grace sort of ‘forces’ your life to go in a particular direction. It makes you who you are. Trying to be someone else is futile and will lead to frustration and failure. The secret to peace and success is to function in the area of your grace and gifts. People struggle simply because they try to function in an area in which they have no grace or gift. Unproductive struggle is a sign that you are out of sync with divinity. When we walk our path, we manifest effortlessly.

Grace enables you to live a life distinctly different from those around you. When people see or hear you, they instantly recognize the grace you carry. The grace on your life cannot be hidden. The Bible says in Matthew 7:16, that by their fruit, or manifestation or results you shall recognize and know who they really are.



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27 responses to “Understanding Grace and Gifts.

  1. Mwamba Bukula

    true george i agree with you 100%.


  2. VirtuousQueen

    Am blessed by your Holy Ghost inspired words sir P.G. The Lord shall increase His grace, favour and presence in your life, marriage, home, family and ministry, now and always. In Jesus awesome name, amen.

  3. sir you are a blessing 2 dis genaration i tank God 4 your life

  4. abiola

    This is liberating stuff. Too many lives wasted wanting stuff other people have instead of unwrapping and one’s own unique gift and grace. Thanks for sharing this wisdom.

  5. PG u are a blessing to all of us through ur write up l appreciate u.

  6. Jambo

    truly what a liberating facts of life, i will never be the same again your life is a blessing to me

  7. Grace Okon

    May GOD bless u abundantly Sir! His praises will continually be in ur mouth n His Grace will be more than sufficient unto u in Jesus Name,Amen. U always inspire me n am blessed! Tnk u Fø̲̣̣я̅ ds n May His Light continue to shine upon u in Jesus Name,Amen. Remain blessed n lifted!

  8. Ademola Adeoye

    PG,you just laid it bare as onions!May God raise more people,across the planet earth,who truly hear His voice.The cry of God at this time is accuracy!Keep speaking,my brother!

  9. You are my Man sir, I ve read almost all your books. Are they are part of the stuffs that makes me what I am today. Glory be to God

  10. ibukun

    Am so blessed with dis words…people run afta the things of life without knowing if truly dat is wat God wants for them…be content with wat u av….and dnt run afta d tins of life bcos its all vanity upon vanity.

  11. Cosmos.A

    U re a blessing

  12. judith atiri

    Very good write up and so true. Reminding us to live our own lives as called by God rather than coveting possessions that others may have, or their achievements. Trying so hard, to put a square peg in an round hole. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Greater grace upon you sir, very inspiring!

  14. duggz

    I not only like the fact that u speak the truth, I like the way you present it.

  15. Wanderful and inspired message,thank U sir. I can see d grace of God upon U, no 1 can do what U are doing except by the grace of God. I prey 4more grace 2 Ur able.God bless U real good. Great grace I need it 2 move to next level.

  16. Mbietobong James

    Thanks sir for that inspiring write up……and i would be grateful if u make available any inspiring article concern music….thank you

  17. Since I picked 2copies of your books 2years ago-and further searched for more, my mentality has really changed for good and I can say I have acquired knowledge spiritually,morally,socially and intellectually. Thanks to Go for his grace upon your life.
    Thankyou sir

  18. Ufie victor


  19. patrick mwanza

    amazing grace

  20. Jude Fidelis

    PG i must say that u r one of d people who carry on their inside d knwladge i nid to succeed. I want to thank u 4 dis article, it really sinked into me. Shalom

  21. Great Grace is what I pray into your life MAN OF GOD. You are blessed beyond measure

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