Demas Has Forsaken Me

For Demas, having loved this present world, has deserted me and gone to Thessalonica. 2Timothy 4:10.

Demas was a co-labourer with Paul the Apostle. Demas had been through a lot with Paul; he had gone on missionary journeys with him, seen the miracles and experienced the power of the gospel, yet he turned back.
Demas had had enough of Paul and his zeal for Christ. Demas wanted to enjoy his life here and now and wasn’t waiting for Christ to reward him for his commitment to the gospel.
Demas had hopes and dreams that were unmet, he wanted to be somebody in society, he wanted to be recognised and celebrated by his peers, he eanted to be rich, he wanted to own mansions in Ephesus, he wanted to be surrounded by the mist beautiful women from Corinth. Simply put, Demas wanted to enjoy his life now.

You know, Demas did not forsake Paul.
Demas forsook Christ, forsook the gospel, forsook the kingdom, forsook the body of Chrsit and the brethren, forsook men and women who believed in him and invested in his life.
Demas walked away from everyone and everything and chose temporal pleasure.
Demas would have walked through Corinth with Paul, seeing all the temple prostitutes who offered free sex to the worshippers, seeing the lasciviousness and riotous lifestyle and thinking that he could have this lifestyle instead of suffering with Paul from city to city. Demas was tired of it all. Paul said he loved the present world and gave up the eternal. He must have wanted something material, financial from his service to Christ but was disappointed when Paul ended up in jail instead of living in a mansion in Laodecia or Rome.
If your hope in christ is just about money and material things, you are of all men most miserable.

There’s a Demas lurking around every one of us. There’s a Demas whispering to us to abandon Christ and pursue materialism and paganism, camouflaged as ‘prosperity gospel.’ There’s a Demas who tells us that material things and money are ‘proofs’ of our belief in Christ. If we listen to this Demas, he will pull us back to the world.

May we not return to the vomit of sin in rebellion to the cross and cause of Christ.

Praise George. January, 2022.

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