Cry Out To Jesus, Not To Men.

Bartimaeus was blind. He heard that Jesus was passing by and he cried out to him: “Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me.” Read the story in Mark 10:46-52. Instead of helping him, the crowd who followed Jesus told him to keep quiet. They couldn’t help him, but they told him to be quiet.

A blind man needed help, instead of helping him, they wanted him to be silent, to remain where he had always been and continue to do what he had always done: beg them for help, be at their mercy, be their slave. Human nature is essentially evil. People are wicked in such a way you will never imagine.

You may not believe this but majority of people who know you do not want you to rise in life. They want you to keep asking them for help, to beg them for opportunity, to be at their mercy, so that they can continue to rule over you and make you their slave.
Bartimaeus called out to Jesus for help. They told him to shut up. People are wicked.

It is like Jeff Bezos is in town and asked to meet entrepreneurs. People who could help you be at that event refuse to help you gain access because they want to keep you poor.

People knew that the moment they helped Bartimaeus, they would lose control over him, he would no longer be their slave, so they told him to shut up and remain where he was: a beggar living in abject poverty. Few people really want to help you rise in life.
But Bartimaeus kept crying out to Jesus. He didn’t cry out to any man. He cried out to Jesus, who heard him and helped him. This is what the Lord wants you to know in this season. Do not cry out to man for help, rather cry out to Jesus and he will send you the help you need.

Do not cry out to your pastor, he is not God.
Do not cry out to your friends.
Do not cry out to your parents.
Do not cry out to the rich.
Do not cry out to social media influencers.
Do not cry out to your rich uncles and aunts.
Cry out to Jesus because he is the only one who can help you.

When Jesus heard his cry, he stopped and asked him to come. This was when people came to him to render assistance. If the Lord does not hear you and give a word, people will not be moved to help you. So, press into God in the place of prayer and God will move people to help you. The same people who rejected him, who told him to shut up, those same people came to him and said “Jesus wants to help you.” Jesus will use people to help us, however, he has to instigate them to action through our faith.

Jesus used people to bring Bartimaeus to himself. He used them to do his will. God will use people to help us, however we should never be at their mercy. We should cry out to God and he will move the hearts of kings to favour our cause and open doors for us.
Jesus healed Bartimaeus, cured him of his blindness and set him free from being at the mercy of men forever.

This is a word for someone.
God is going to intervene in your situation, answer your prayers, grant your desires and set you free from slavery to men.

© Praise George, January 13, 2020.


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3 responses to “Cry Out To Jesus, Not To Men.

  1. Hello Praise,

    I love your write up. I like the perspective and the truth that man will not help you because they want to keep you poor and have control over you always. To rob it in, I thought you would have mentioned that when Jesus wanted to help him, He asked those who asked him to shut up to go and bring him. That’s when they started being nice to him because his help had come. Those who shield you from being helped will begin to sing your praise the moment you have risen out of the situation. If you go back to that situation again, they change again. Terrible fact about life. Nice one Okpoko.

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