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Cry Out To Jesus, Not To Men.

Bartimaeus was blind. He heard that Jesus was passing by and he cried out to him: “Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me.” Read the story in Mark 10:46-52. Instead of helping him, the crowd who followed Jesus told him to keep quiet. They couldn’t help him, but they told him to be quiet.

A blind man needed help, instead of helping him, they wanted him to be silent, to remain where he had always been and continue to do what he had always done: beg them for help, be at their mercy, be their slave. Human nature is essentially evil. People are wicked in such a way you will never imagine.

You may not believe this but majority of people who know you do not want you to rise in life. They want you to keep asking them for help, to beg them for opportunity, to be at their mercy, so that they can continue to rule over you and make you their slave.
Bartimaeus called out to Jesus for help. They told him to shut up. People are wicked.

It is like Jeff Bezos is in town and asked to meet entrepreneurs. People who could help you be at that event refuse to help you gain access because they want to keep you poor.

People knew that the moment they helped Bartimaeus, they would lose control over him, he would no longer be their slave, so they told him to shut up and remain where he was: a beggar living in abject poverty. Few people really want to help you rise in life.
But Bartimaeus kept crying out to Jesus. He didn’t cry out to any man. He cried out to Jesus, who heard him and helped him. This is what the Lord wants you to know in this season. Do not cry out to man for help, rather cry out to Jesus and he will send you the help you need. Continue reading


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Blessed Are The Merciful


Matthew 5:7
Blessed are the merciful:for they shall obtain mercy.

Matthew 5:7
Blessed (happy, to be envied, and spiritually prosperous— with life- joy and satisfaction in God’s favor and salvation, regardless of their outward conditions) are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy! AMP.

Some years ago my wife and I were having a discussion about how she handled an issue concerning a brother who had made some errors in judgement and had been ostracised by the church. She told me that God had forgiven him for his sins and the church should do the same. I was driving and she was sitting next to me. I tried to keep my eyes on the road as I told her that the sentiment she expressed was referred to as ‘unsanctified mercy.’ She asked me what that meant and I explained. Unsanctified mercy is showing mercy to someone undeserving of it because he had been involved in the same situation many times without showing remorse or repentance. My wife didn’t agree with me. She insisted that the brother needed to be shown mercy, forgiven by the church and brought back into fellowship with the saints.

About a year later I brought up this conversation with my wife and she reminded me that I said the sentiment she expressed at that time was ‘unsanctified mercy.’ I apologised to her and admitted that I was wrong. When we had that discussion there were certain things I didn’t understand. I stood as a judge against this brother, thinking I was better than him, more spiritual, holier and closer to The Lord than him. But I was wrong and I have long repented of my ignorance and pride. What made me start seeing things differently? Well, I realised I had great potential to make mistakes and do some absolutely dumb things like everybody else. I realised that it is The Lord who keeps me from falling and not my spirituality. I also realised that I am nothing without the grace of God working in my life. I realised that mercy is a spiritual law and if I ever wanted to receive mercy in my own life I had to start sowing mercy in other people’s lives and situations. Continue reading


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The Fall Of A Prophet, Part 2


With the prophetic calling and its many sided giftings comes a great responsibility on the prophet not to pursue his personal interests and agenda but to pursue, protect and effect the cause of Christ and His Will in the Church. The only agenda a prophet is permitted to have is the agenda of Christ. His only pursuits should be only the Will of God and nothing else. All his personal likes, dreams, desires and interests should be nailed to the cross of Christ and left there as an act of worship. When a prophet begins to pursue his own agenda, using his abilities to pursue his selfish desires, he will fall into error.

Humility is the mark of a true prophet. Being gifted with the ability to see, hear and experience the supernatural may open the door for pride to enter into the life of a prophet and he must guard fiercely against this or it may lead to his fall. His prophetic abilities which were freely given to him by The Lord may cause him to think that he is better, more privileged or has a better standing with The Lord than everybody else and he should therefore be given preferential treatment and worshipped like a demi-god. Unfortunately some prophets think and live like this, contrary to the teachings of Christ. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus said that the greatest should be the chief servant and should not desire to be served by others. The higher we rise spiritually the lower we should go in service. The Lord does not need superstars who have turned themselves into idols, he wants men and women who will humble themselves to serve the body of Christ with a heart of compassion. Continue reading


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