The Enemy Within 2

The Enemy Within 2

Samson was on his way to Ashkelon and passed through Gaza to hangout with some of his friends. The rulers of the Philistines heard about his visit and hired a woman to entangle and compromise him. Delilah was an exotic creature, skilled in the dark art of seduction. She boasted that entrapping great men like Samson the Jew was what she did for breakfast. She assured them that he would be dead by morning.

Delilah prepared herself for her encounter with Samson. Understanding that first impressions matter, she decked herself from head to toe with the most beautiful, expensive and seductive outfits from Gaza’s posh stores. After this, she applied some make-up to heighten her sex appeal, then rounded up by dowsing herself with a mixture of some quality Asian scents. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was irresistible.

Samson loved to hang out with his friends at Gaag, a very popular restaurant in the city centre. That was where she found him. They were seated around a table, eating, drinking and chatting. When Delilah walked in with her entourage the group of musicians and belly dancers were as distracted as the rest of the patrons. At an appropriate moment she stood up and walked over to Samson’s table, accompanied by three deadly looking eunuchs.

‘Hi,’ Delilah smiled, exposing perfect white teeth. She didn’t get to be a seductress of great repute without working on her dentals.
‘Hi. I saw you when you entered the restaurant with your entourage of servants. What is your name?’
She pulled down her veil, exposing the rare beauty underneath. ‘Delilah’.
Samson stood up and invited her to join him at his table. As she sat down, Samson made a sign to his friends to leave him alone with her. One by one they began moving to other tables.
‘I have heard tales of your extraordinary strength. Is it true what they say?’ She moved closer and touched his hands.
Samson threw back his locks and laughed.
It was going to be an interesting night.

They ate.
Samson was fascinated by her beauty and her intelligence. He could see the powerful spirit of lust that controlled her. In his former life he could have been drawn to it. Not anymore.
They spoke.
She was curious to know the source of his strength.
Samson wanted to know how she became so powerful. She didn’t tell him that it was the business of betrayal that made her so rich.
They drank.
The night was spent. The time came for Delilah to make her move.
‘Come over to my place,’ she whispered.
Samson’s sobered up very quickly.
He turned to Delilah and looked into her eyes.

‘Let me get this straight. You want me to leave my friends, follow you home, get into your bed, have sex with you, compromise myself, defile the Nazarene anointing on my life, wake up tomorrow morning with a curse on my life, rise up from your bed a compromised and weak man, endanger my life in the next battle I am involved in, then finally get myself killed because The Lord has departed from me?’ He paused to let all that he had said sink in.

‘You see, Jehovah is my light, my strength and my salvation. Without Him I am absolutely nothing. My life is totally dedicated to live in obedience to his will. To sleep with you will be to defile the covenant that I have with Him. Keeping this covenant is more important to me than all the pleasures you will ever offer me.’

Delilah’s delicate hands turned into fists, her eyes dark slits.

‘No Delilah, that will never happen.’

She reached to slap him but he caught her red claws.
‘How dare you talk to me like that!’ She stood up, knocked over her drink in the process. One of the eunuchs caught the chalice before it hit the floor. Five bodyguards materialised by her side with blades drawn.
Samson ignored them.
They all knew that the first person who moved against him was a dead man.
‘This isn’t over,’ she said and hurried away, shielded by her bodyguards. The whole restaurant watched her go.
‘What was that all about?’one of Samson’s friends asked.
‘You have a way of annoying beautiful philistine women, don’t you?’another one said and they all laughed. They sat down at their table and continued feasting into the night.


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9 responses to “The Enemy Within 2

  1. Joseph Chizongo

    Beautiful… Creativity at play. “A man who pleases God will escape the seductress..”

  2. Benson

    i like the transforming of ancient story of the BC’s to a 21st century movies acted by some fine Nigerian actresses or some Hollywood stars in America, Sir, you are really a movies director, it is really an interesting movies watching with the Spiritual eyes, i have always watch these movies but the picture were too old. hahahaha. only those in the Spirit will understand because when i read my bible is like watching a movies putting myself in the scene. sir i can really pick the lines. waiting for part 3

  3. doris abla anku

    Bro GEORGE. May God strengthen and open your spirit more to share with us the hidden things of life.

  4. meregulwa moses

    thanks for such an educating, spiritual and fantastic message.

  5. Benson Besong

    Sir i am a Cameroonian i first saw you in one of your book “Rule for teen” i was not a teen but reading that book was a turning point in my life and i decided to look for you and through Google i just type your name and found this site since then i have always learn and have greater insight about life, you were sent “for such a time as this”. as you impact my life and that of others may Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding never depart from you. I just celebrated my birth Day 25th of September



  7. Quasi Wusu

    That’s soo interesting.
    Papa may God Bless you

  8. this was really interesting God will continue to give yopu insight

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