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Dear Minister, Do Not Counsel A Woman Alone.

1. Dear minister,
Do not counsel a lady alone.

No matter how spiritual you are: you see visions, see angels, even know the future, you are still very human.

Many giants have fallen.

A lady in distress is vulnerable and sexual chemistry is volatile.

Do not rationalize.
Run. Continue reading

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‘I Am Not My Boobs’ by Abiola Adepoju. A hot new book from one of my protégés, for women and for the men who want them.

When Abiola told me that she wanted to write a book titled, ‘I Am Not My Boobs,’ I  encouraged her to go ahead with the project. After writing over 40 books myself, I knew that her ideas would be a hit in the market.

In this book, Abiola connects with women from the physical, advices on virtues, visits career and  concludes  with the spiritual. She delves into  the core values that make a woman happy, successful and at peace with God and man. She titillates and teeters on the verge of sex, but tactfully evades the subject, giving us just enough to think about.
Abiola will challenge you with her wisdom and make you laugh with her wit.  After reading this book, I know one thing for sure: this brilliant lady is definitely not her boobs!
Praise George, Author of The Laws Of Attraction


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