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The Secrets Of The Irresistible Woman, an e-book.

The Secrets Of The Irresistible Woman. An e-book.

Success leaves clues.
It always does.

Do you ever wonder how successful women make things happen in their lives and for others? Do you ask yourself if you can accomplish the same way these outstanding women accomplish their goals? Then this e-book is the answer to your questions.

When we study the lives of successful women we discover the clues they have left behind for us to follow. When we follow these clues and apply them in our lives we will produce the same results these women have produced. Continue reading

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The Power of A Woman.

The Power Of A Woman.

It’s in
Her touch.
Her scent.
Her words.
Her eyes.
Her patience.
Her smile.
Her intelligence.
Her Drive.
Her beauty.
Her vision.
Her inner strength.
Her staying power.
Her intuition.
Her soft skin.
Her character.
Her sense of order.
Her peace.
Her zest for life.
Her faith.
Her love.
Her energy.
Her colours.
Her walk.
Her ideas.
Her passion.
Her humour.
Makes her irresistible to her man.~Praise George.


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