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How To Kill Your Talent 2


In How To Kill Your Talent we discovered that when God gives you an ability, talent or gift, He doesn’t take it back-Romans 11:29. However that doesn’t stop you from the self sabotage of your calling by suffocating, strangling and eventually killing your own talent.
God uses your talent to guide you in the direction of your calling, in the direction of what you are meant to do with your life. When you allow your talent to have full expression in your life you will function effortlessly in your calling.
So, what are the other ways to kill your talent?

Starve your talent.
Your talent becomes healthy and grows when it is properly nourished. You nourish your talent by exposing it to information and focused training. For instance if you have a talent in IT related areas, to develop it you should feed it with information from the the IT world that nourishes this talent. Many people spend their time watching television, chatting on social network platforms and engaging in various actives to entertain themselves. But they never really spend time to deliberately feed their talent with the information and know-how they require to utilise it at the very optimum level. You may need to put yourself in a formal setting in which your talent will receive focused education and be developed for the market place. To feed your talent you should read books, attend workshops and seminars, register for an on-line course or return to school for further training.
Your talent must be nourished and fed until your calling on earth is fully accomplished, then you can sit back and relax. The day you stop feeding your talent it will begin to shrivel, wither and die. You may not realise that your talent is dying but it will show up in the poor quality of work you produce. If you want to remain on a path of excellence and world class performance make a commitment to feed and nourish your talent. Continue reading


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