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On Food And Relationships.

On Food and Relationships.


Recently I was thinking about some parallels between good, healthy food and choosing a good, healthy partner who brings value to your life. The older I get, the more I realise that the value of food sometimes has absolutely nothing to do with what it tastes like. There are some vegetables that don’t taste so good but they are amazing for our health. The value of food to our health is more important than its impact on the pleasure centres of our brains. Eating food only because it tastes good is not wise.

Certain foods with lots of sugar like cakes and ice cream may excite and titilate the pleasure centres of our brain but if we indulge without restraint, it may lead to health problems like obesity.

Here are some of my thoughts.

1. Never judge the intrinsic value of food by how it looks or how it tastes in your mouth.
That guy or lady may look hot but be of absolutely no value to you.

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You Attract Who You Deserve, Not Who You Desire.

You attract who you deserve, not who you desire.

Many writers on relationship and love encourage you to write a list of the qualities you want to see in your future partner. This is good because it helps to clarify the kind of person you want in your life. However some of these lists border on fantasy and are so laughable. Continue reading


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Relationships, Responsibilities And Rewards.

Relationships, Responsibilities And Rewards.

1.When most people think about relationships, they think about the pleasures, the good times and the fun part. A lady fantasizes about going out on a great date or being on an exotic beach with her man. A guy has images of the first kiss planted on the luscious lips of this lady he really likes. No one thinks about responsibilities.

2. Hollywood presents a relationship to us as something that just happens. Boy meets girl and they like each other. Then the fun begins. It’s a big party till the end of the movie. Good stuff happens thereafter. Nothing could be further from the truth.

3. If we want to enjoy our relationship, we must be ready to take on the necessary responsibilities which guaranty the enjoyment of the rewards we expect from the relationship. If we are not willing to take on the responsibilities, we should not expect to enjoy the rewards.

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The Power of A Woman.

The Power Of A Woman.

It’s in
Her touch.
Her scent.
Her words.
Her eyes.
Her patience.
Her smile.
Her intelligence.
Her Drive.
Her beauty.
Her vision.
Her inner strength.
Her staying power.
Her intuition.
Her soft skin.
Her character.
Her sense of order.
Her peace.
Her zest for life.
Her faith.
Her love.
Her energy.
Her colours.
Her walk.
Her ideas.
Her passion.
Her humour.
Makes her irresistible to her man.~Praise George.


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