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A Queen. A Peasant. A King.

Who is a queen?

A queen is a woman of character. She’s refined and cultured, trained in the fine art of human relationships. She knows who she is and walks with dignity. She has a deep sense of her value and does not undermine herself, neither does she allow anyone do so. She treats herself with respect therefore it is easy for her to extend the same level of respect to those with whom she interacts, especially, her king. She honours herself in every way possible; in her dressing, her choice of friends and her pursuits. She does what she enjoys and pours her heart into her purpose and passion. She is pleasant to be with, to hang out with. She knows how to engage in and hold a conversation in such a way that a man’s intellect is stirred up to the point where he desires to know more about her. She communicates in such a way that a man is magnetized to her person, refusing to let go. A queen makes every minute you spend with her a pleasant experience. She’s not perfect, but she has so developed the key areas of her personality to the point that it more than compensates for any weaknesses in her character. She does this so well that men think that she’s perfect, when indeed she’s not. This illusion of perfection is not a ruse but the result of the careful cultivation of her soul to the point where it radiates like a well polished gem.

Who is a peasant?

A peasant is a man of low character. He is everything a king is not. He is everything a queen does not want in her life. He may look like a king without, but be a peasant within. It is character or the lack thereof that defines who a peasant is. It has nothing to do with his education, financial success or social standing. A peasant may be very rich but still be unable to connect with a queen, because he is not king material. A good sign of a king is that he honours and respects his queen. A peasant does not know how to honour or treat a woman with respect. He doesn’t have what it takes to gain access to the heart of a queen. Therefore, peasants and queens don’t mix.

A queen does not attract a peasant.

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