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Prayer For Success

A Prayer For Success.
May you be delivered from the trap of the enemy.
May the light shine upon your path.
May your steps be ordered into favour.
May you meet with good today.
Your name shall be honoured.
You will walk in excellence.
May you be brought back on the track of greatness.
May the little you do produce great results. Continue reading

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Keep Striking Until You Win.


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Spiritual Warfare and The Prayers Of The Saints.


1Thessalonians 5:25- Brethren pray for us.

This was a request made by Paul the apostle to the Thessalonians to pray for him. It was made out of a heart of humility, by a man who understood the power of prayer, a man who understood the immense power and effectiveness of the combined prayers of the saints. This was a man who walked in revelation, so such a request from him for prayer shouldn’t be taken at face value. Something happens when believers come together to pray. Something happens that would never have happened in any other way until believers lift up their hearts as one and pray asking God to intervene concerning a person, a people, a nation, a project, a family, a business, a community or a cause. And when believers join their hearts together as one and pray in faith, God answers. Always.

A couple of months ago I requested some brethren to pray for me concerning the direction The Lord was leading me in ministry. Instead of praying for me as I requested, one brother replied and said I should read some ‘In Him scriptures’ found in the Pauline epistles. He thought that when I asked the brethren to pray for me, I was clueless and ignorant and he was more spiritual because he knew those scriptures and I didn’t. But even brother Paul who wrote those epistles requested prayers from the saints, not once, not twice, but several times. This brother thought he was being spiritual but that was spiritual pride and pride is deeply rooted in ignorance. Continue reading


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