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When Prayer Becomes Your Enemy

Instead of being a source of finding inner strength and wisdom to take action, prayer can become a crutch, an excuse, a reason for leaving things undone, leaving things the way they are, refusing to do anything to move your life forward.

Instead of taking action, instead of doing something, doing what we can to change our situation, we resort to prayer, not to empower us to act, but an empty ritual behind which we hide from the reality of our lives, therefore things remain as they are because we do not take action.

It is action that changes things.
It is action that causes us to assert ourselves, assert our vision, ideas, thoughts on reality.
It is action that moves us in the direction of our dreams.

Practiced right, prayer ought to pull us into the arena of action with wisdom.
Prayer should be a spiritual exercise from where we receive clarity, inner strength and divine strategies to take action.

Prayer should not be a cop-out or a denial of reality. It should not cause us to live inside of a shell, inside a bubble of illusions. Continue reading

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An Illusion Of Change


It was Edmund Burke who said that all it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing. To keep silent while our nation is led down a dangerous path of destruction will be irresponsible. To think that our leaders know what they are doing is naïve. History will condemn us all if we refuse to speak up now at this critical time of transition in the history of our great nation.

On the 31st of March 2015, the world watched with bated breath the completion of the electoral process and the emergence of Nigeria’s President elect. The election was a plus for every Nigerian because the process was quite peaceful contrary to the expectations of our detractors. But what was troubling, what was of grave concern to me is that in a country of over 180 million people, the best person we could find to represent our wishes, hopes and aspirations, the best person we could vote for to be our leader for the next four years of our democratic journey is a retired, 72 year old man. What we must ask ourselves is: does this represent true change for our nation? Continue reading


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