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The Making of an Ishmael 2


An ‘Ishmael’ is something we build, birth, create in an attempt to fulfil God’s promise in our lives by our own power. It is a situation we create in our lives when we are impatient, go ahead of God to do something to protect ourselves from perceived or real life threats.
It is foolish to use your own hands, employ your own abilities and deploy your own resources to birth or create something that will cause you problems for the rest of your life.

There are two reasons why we go against God’s will, do our own thing and move in a direction of our own choosing thereby birthing an Ishmael in our lives. They are the instinct for self preservation and impatience.

The instinct for self preservation is what makes us move to protect ourselves from real or perceived, present or future threats. These threats may appear in the form of business, career or ministry failure, financial adversity, social or political adversity.
God gave us the instinct for self preservation to do something proactive when confronted with the possibility of harm, hurt, or impending calamity. This instinct for self preservation is what keeps us from walking in front of a fast moving vehicle or jumping of a cliff. It is what makes us choose a career that will set us on the path of financial and material success. We look at our options and choose what makes sense to us logically and move in that direction. This is all well and good.

However, the moment we receive Jesus Christ into our hearts and submit our lives to His guidance, leadership and Lordship, we should realise that the dynamics of our lives become different. Our lives are no longer ours to live as we please. We belong to the Lord spirit, soul and body. Everything we are, have or will ever be now belongs to the Lord. We now live to please The Lord, we live to do His pleasure and nothing else. We willingly yield to the master’s will because we know that He has our very best interests at heart. The good thing is that God knows you better than you know yourself. He knows the best combination of talents that will make your light shine bright. God knows the very best career for you to pursue that will bring you the highest possible fulfilment. He knows what businesses you can birth that will not only make you successful but enrich the lives of thousands and possibly millions of people who are connected to you.

God knows the future. He knows in what direction the economy is headed and where to position you so that you prosper in it. This is the reason why the safest place we can be is in the very centre of His will. Continue reading


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