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The Danger Of Procrastination.

Danger Of Procrastination. 

A white American was called to preach the gospel in Africa at 18. He delayed because he said he was not married. When he got married, he said he wanted to have children so he procrastinated again. He was now in his 30’s, he delayed and said he needed money to preach the gospel. He spent the next 30 years building a big business. He was giving money to the gospel but God whispered to him that he had not obeyed his calling. It was in his 60’s that he came to Nigeria but by then he had zero energy to preach the gospel and the time he should have preached had long passed and gone.
He had money but had failed in his assignment. Continue reading

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The Danger Of Following A Crowd.

“You shall not follow a crowd to do evil.” Exodus 23:2.

A crowd cried out for the death of Christ.
A crowd cried out for the stoning of the woman caught in adultery.
A crowd stoned Stephen to death.
In each of these situations, the crowd was wrong.

A crowd is a senseless, illogical mob.
A crowd is driven by base emotions like anger, rage and fear.
A crowd is a destructive force.
A crowd drowns your individuality.
A crowd silences your authentic voice.
A crowd has a mind of its own, driven by collective emotions. Continue reading

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My Journey.

Praise George...looking Time Magazine-esque ;)

Praise George...looking ready for the cover of Time Magazine 😀

Writing my first book was tough.

I had always had this dream of being a writer. From as early as I can remember, I read anything I could lay my hands on: comics, magazines, novels, books, newspapers, the Bible. Anything I could read was game. Thanks to the books my mom and dad were gracious enough to bring into our home. My dad was also an avid read of Time magazine. 40 years later, I still read it. This was the foundation for my voracious appetite for information and knowledge.

After at the age of 10, I focused mainly on novels. I read huge, monstrous novels that seemed too big for my age and my head. I remember in secondary school, my friends spent their money buying clothes and shoes. I spent my money on books. If a thief rummaged my suitcase, he would be totally disappointed because all he would find would be books and drab clothes. I had very little interest in fashion although that changed after I realized the importance of looking good in attracting members of the opposite sex!

All those books I read and the millions of words I devoured began to percolate in my young mind and I began to see myself as a writer. I tried my hands on writing short stories but nothing ever came out of it. A short course in writing at the age of 17 laid the foundation for the next 3 decades of my life. It gave me the tools I needed to put my ideas on paper, although that didn’t happen until about 10 years later.

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