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Prayer For Success

A Prayer For Success.
May you be delivered from the trap of the enemy.
May the light shine upon your path.
May your steps be ordered into favour.
May you meet with good today.
Your name shall be honoured.
You will walk in excellence.
May you be brought back on the track of greatness.
May the little you do produce great results. Continue reading

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Attracting More Money.

Attracting more money.

Money is no respecter of persons. The reason why you are not enjoying the money you desire in your life right now is not because you are a ‘bad person’. It is simply because you do not understand how to magnetise more money into your life.

Until you know what you want out of life you will never make something meaningful with your life. Until you have direction, you will never arrive at a place of prosperity and abundance. People without clarity go round in confusing circles and achieve very little or absolutely nothing with their lives. Clarity is the ability to navigate from point A to point B without struggle. Continue reading


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