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Saying ‘No’ To Mammon.

Saying NO to mammon.

The devil came to Jesus and offered him inconceivable wealth. In Matthew 4, the enemy offered Jesus as much as his eyes could see. He offered him the wealth of nations. He wasn’t fooling around. This was serious business. He wanted Jesus to betray his divine mandate and come over to his camp. All he needed from Jesus was worship. That was all. Not some big act of sacrifice. Just worship. To the ordinary man, that didn’t mean much, but to spiritual beings, it meant a whole lot. In fact, it meant everything. Whoever you worship owns your soul. If Jesus had been seduced by riches and bowed to the devil, he would have become the devil’s slave, to control and use whenever and however he pleases. That would have made it impossible for Jesus to lay down his life for our redemption and the salvation of humanity would have been completely thwarted. Jesus looked at the devil’s offer and said ‘no’! He walked away from the temptation. He refused to be seduced by the wealth of nations. Unlike Solomon, he wasn’t moved by inordinate desire to possess every good thing his eyes saw. He had an assignment, he was on earth for a purpose and that purpose determined his choices and actions. Continue reading

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Who Is Your Master?

Who is your master?

A master is one whom you serve. It is one to whom a servant pays obeisance. A master is one who is in control of a servant’s life. A servant has no existence outside his master’s will. A master determines the direction in which the life of the servant goes. A servant has no say except to do what the master says. The servant’s whole existence is controlled and determined by the master whom he serves. An evil master will inflict pain and suffering on his servant but a good master will bring peace and well being to the life of his servant. In Matthew 6:24, the Bible says that there are two masters, God and Money. It goes further to say that we cannot love, serve or be loyal to both of them equally. If we love one, we will hate and despise the other.  We are either servants of God or servants of money. We cannot serve God and money at the same time.

In life we make decisions based on either the influence of God or the influence of money. There is no neutrality to this. Continue reading


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