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My Gray Beard and Change.

A couple of months ago, I decided to grow my beard. I took the decision first because I was tired of shaving every other day. The process was time consuming and I also had to deal with rashes which were always a challenge to me. Secondly, I like the ‘sage’ look. It’s Über cool.

With the beard also came lots of gray. It was as if I had ‘aged’ overnight. Well this was my life and my decision, so I went ahead with it. Most importantly, my wife loved the look. However, what I didn’t bargain for was the reaction my sage look got from people who are not even acquaintances. One lady asked me to cut off my beard. I told her that she isn’t my wife, therefore she has no right to tell me that. A contractor who does some business for me, looked at me with concern on his face and told me to cut if off. I asked why? He said ‘it is not good for you, that is not who you are.’ Since when did he start knowing what was good for me and what wasn’t? It was his reaction that made me start thinking about change. People are opposed to change. They had rather die than change.

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