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Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice.

Obedience is Better than Sacrifice.

The Lord is not impressed by acts of sacrifice which He hasn’t commanded. One act of disobdience to a specific divine instruction could set you back several years. Simply do what you have been assigned or instructed to do and you will walk in the centre of Divine Power, where life works for you effortlessly and with Peace.

For instance, the Lord instructs Miss X to ‘build a hut in point A.’ But Miss X does not like that place because of the location, social class of the people, economic viability of the project, etc. She decides to build a tower in point B, at a place which she chose by and for herself. It takes her 5 years, but she finally completes and dedicates the ‘beautiful edifice’ to ‘the glory of God.’ Men are impressed. However, the Lord is saddened by the act of disobdience.
Meanwhile, on Point A, where the hut was supposed to have been built, a factory has been built by a Chinese company.
The Lord comes to Miss X again on the night of the dedication of the ‘edifice of disobedience’ and says:’Like I said 5 years ago, Build a hut for me on point A. That is my Will and Plan for you.’

Miss X had better repent and start pleading Mercy or ask for Grace to buy off the Chinese and build that simple hut on Point A, ‘to the glory of God.’

When the Lord gives you an instruction-for all those who hear and understand His voice-it is not ‘an idea’ or ‘a suggestion’. It is a COMMANDMENT. That means, you DO that thing and nothing else. And the Bible says that ‘His commandments are not grievious.’


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