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One Good Friend Is Better Than A Hundred Fools.

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“Ladies and Gentlemen, Having one good friend you can trust, who believes in you, who is loyal to you, who brings you real value, who helps your progress, is better than surrounding yourself with 100 FOOLS who cause you pain and bring ZERO value into your life.” –Praise George.

So many people have relationships that are of very low value or of absolutely no value to them. They are in these relationships due to force of habit. Some of these unproductive, life draining, failure producing relationships have existed for most of their lives. It has become part of their lives so they never bother to ask questions like: “Of what value is this relationship to me? Where is it taking me? What is it adding to my life? How is it helping me become the person I desire to be? How is it moving me towards my dream?” Continue reading


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For Single Ladies. Honouring Yourself.

For Single Ladies. Honouring Yourself.

1. A relationship is about mutual respect and honour.

2. You are worthy of honour and respect. If you don’t learn to honour yourself, you won’t be honoured in your relationship. If you don’t love yourself, no one will love you.

3. Learn to treat yourself with respect. Your significant other observes the way you treat yourself. If you treat yourself badly, guess how you will be treated by your significant other?

4. If something dishonours you in any way, you have to face it and stop it in your life. For instance, if you work in a place where you are treated less than a human being, it will crush your spirit and make you feel bad about yourself. Simply do all within your power to find another job.

5. We teach people how to treat us. If you don’t show your significant other how you want to be treated, you will be treated the best way that he knows how to and that may not be good for you. Gently explain to him the way you love to be treated and be ready to do the same for him.

6. A relationship is not a slave contraption. It is a value contraption. If you have to dishonour yourself to remain in a relationship, you are better off without it. Don’t beg to remain in a relationship in which you are not wanted, respected and honoured.

7. The more value you add to yourself, the more it will reflect in your relationship and in the way you are treated by your significant other. Value attracts honour and respect. In Proverbs 31, a woman of value attracts the respect of her husband:her husband ‘praises her and calls her the best.’ You can be the same.



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