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Prayer for Single Ladies

Prayer for Single Ladies

May you find uncommon favour with the Lord.
May the scales fall from your eyes.
May the Lord give you more clarity.
May every frustrating relationship be broken.
May every man on an assignment to waste your time and energy be put to shame.
May every liar be exposed.
May any man trying to steal your glorious destiny be exposed.
May you be set free from the relationship that is taking you nowhere.
May you come out of obscurity.
May you be seen. May you be very visible. May you be found by your husband.
May your steps be supernaturally ordered to meet your husband.
May he recognise you instantly.
May your man love you the way you are.
May your man honour, respect and protect you.
May the Lord turn your sorrow into joy and give you a testimony, in the Name of Jesus. Blessings.~Praise George.

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