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Listen to The Voice of your Gifts.

There’s a reason why you are restless and dissatisfied. There’s a reason why you feel you should be doing more with your life. There’s a reason why you feel you are bigger than where you are. Instead of fighting this restlessness and feeling of dissatisfaction, consider for a moment that it could be the voice of your future calling out to you.

We all are blessed with talents, abilities from God. Every man and woman comes into this planet packaged with certain powers that are part of their purpose or assignment on the planet. Your gifts have a voice. They talk to you. They steer you in the direction of their creative expression. A writer wants to write, a banker likes figures, a builder wants to build, a pastor wants to talk to people, an athlete wants to run, a singer wants to sing, a sales person wants to sell. Our gifts steer us in the direction of our ultimate fulfillment.

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