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The Danger Of False Hope.

The greatest weapon in the hands of charlatans is false hope built on lies and deception.
False hope is like a drug, very addictive, deadlier than heroin, more dangerous than cocaine. When a charlatan injects false hope into a gullible person, it takes control of the mind, the emotions and soul.
False hope will make a person believe absolutely anything a pastor says without checking it up in the scriptures.
False hope has made people sell their houses, lands, cars and stocks to give to a con man wearing a religious disguise who has promised them financial miracles. Continue reading


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The Deceiver And The Deceived.

The deceiver and the deceived, the scammer and the scammed, the hypnotist and the hypnotized, the slave master and the slave, the conman and the conned, the victimiser and the victim, the pulpit extortionist and his willing audience both deserve each other. They are magnetized to each other by their shared values, shared beliefs and shared philosophy.

Their meeting is never an accident. It is orchestrated by the anti-scriptural forces at work within them both. Itching ears who wander away from truth are drawn to the sweet, deceptive words of a liar. Continue reading

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The danger of blind followership.

Dear believer, a couple of years ago,Rev Jim Jones, a false teacher and prophet, led hundreds of educated but spiritually stupid people to their unfortunate deaths in Guyana. (Please google it). You would think that because these people were educated they would be able to discern that he was evil. Sadly, they couldn’t and ended up dead. Spiritual discernment cannot be taught in a school, it can only be given by the Holy Spirit. Some of you are in ministries headed by false teachers and prophets. Like Jim Jones, they have hypnotised, manipulated and deceived you to believe that your life is about amassing money and material things, and without them your life won’t work. It is all a big LIE! They have turned you into a mindless, spineless, spiritually senseless slave, following their every whim and command. I pray today that The Lord will show you mercy and deliver you from their dungeons, disguised as churches, in Jesus Name.~Praise George.


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