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How To Keep A Good Man.

How To Keep A Good Man.

1. Be your true self.
2. Project your beauty and ‘assets.’
3. Communicate intelligently.
4. Be assertive. Real men like strong women.
5. Don’t spy. If he wanted a spy he could have gone to the CIA. Continue reading

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For Ladies Only. Creating A Positive Emotional Atmosphere.

For Ladies Only. Creating A Positive Emotional Atmosphere.

1. A wise woman knows how to build her relationship, her marriage, her home. A foolish woman uses her own hands to destroy her own relationship. Proverbs 14:1.

2. It is your responsibility to create a positive emotional atmosphere for your relationship to grow. It is the emotional state of your relationship that determines if your man will stay with you or leave you.

3. The primary reason a man stays with you is not because of your beauty; there are more beautiful ladies than you. It is not because of your money; there are richer ladies than you. It is not because of your sexual ability; you have more sexually experienced ladies. A man stays with you because of the way you make him FEEL. If you make him feel good, he will do all within in his power to be around you because of the emotional atmosphere you create in the relationship and in his life.

4. The Bible says in Proverbs 21:19, that it is better to dwell in the wilderness than with a contentious, troublesome and angry woman. No man in his right mind would want to stay with the woman described in the above scripture. So, why do some ladies live like this woman but expect their man to stay with them? Why are you emotionally abusive and destructive but expect a man to like you?

5. Contention and strife will push your man away from you. You should learn to talk over issues and not enter into verbal fights because you want to win an argument.

6. Don’t be a drama queen, who throws a tantrum worthy of an Oscar performance. Such a woman is troubled woman and should seek professional help. The Bible says we should learn to control our spirit.

7. Some ladies are in a perpetual state of anger. It may be because of certain unresolved issues in their lives and they carry this emotional baggage with them into new relationships. There are ladies who are not married today not because they are not good enough, but because of the destructive level of their anger. When they get angry, they use their hands to destroy a relationship that has taken them many years or months to build. Such foolishness will keep you single unless you ask the Lord to help you resolve and deal with this destructive temper.

8. An arrogant woman cannot keep a man in a relationship or in marriage because she’s too proud to honour and respect him. Pride always comes before a great fall. Nature has programmed a man to gravitate in the direction of a woman who honours him. This woman may be educated or illiterate; it is of no consequence. If the woman gives him respect, he will stay with her. That is the reason why you shouldn’t be in a relationship with a man you don’t respect. You should connect with a man you honour and respect.

9. One major reason why some women do not bring peace to their relationship is because they have no peace themselves. They are full of conflicting emotions which steal their peace and happiness. A woman who is driven by covetousness can never be happy. She will always feel that she needs more and more material stuff in her life. Such delusion will cause her to be dissatisfied with her lot and transfer that negative emotion to her man. But when such a woman learns and masters contentment, she will find peace and bring peace to her relationship.

10. If you have failed to create an inviting and positive emotional atmosphere in your relationship, it’s time for you to hold yourself responsible and do something about it. As long as your man loves and wants to be with you, the success of your relationship rests on you. May the Lord give you grace and grant you wisdom.



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