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Breaking Out Of The House Of Pharaoh.


As a child Moses was discovered and delivered from genocide by Pharaoh’s daughter. He was raised up in the palace and became known as a prince in Egypt. Moses enjoyed the life and privileges of royalty for many decades. He lived as he liked. He did whatsoever pleased him. He had power and influence in Egypt and he wielded it whichever way it pleased him. As a prince he answered to nobody but himself.

However there came a day that there was a tug at the reigns of his heart. As God continued to systematically work on him, the scales fell from his eyes. He realised that what he thought was a palace was in reality the biggest prison in Egypt, keeping him locked away from the assignment and divine calling on his life. He discovered that although he was known as a prince, in reality he was a prisoner of Pharaoh. He was in a gulag made up of Pharaoh’s riches and power. Although surrounded by all this power, wealth and influence, he felt his soul shackled like a slave to the house of Pharaoh. He felt as powerless as the slaves whose blood Pharaoh used to build the pyramids and the great architectural works of ancient Egypt.

Moses should have been contented with his lot in life. He should have been happy with what he had been blessed with. But he wasn’t. He was completely dissatisfied. After all he was a prince, probably the number three man in the kingdom. What else could a man wish for or desire? However when God began to reveal who he really was to him, when God unveiled his assignment, Moses began to see the greatness, riches and power of Egypt not as a blessing but a curse, a curse which held him back from pursuing and fulfilling the assignment on his life.

What was once the greatest blessing in his life became his greatest curse. What once helped him rise in life became a hindrance to his assignment.  What once gave him wings to fly became the chains which held him down in captivity,  in obscurity and kept him from soaring in God’s assignment for his life. Continue reading


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When God Positions Your Name For Favour And Promotion


Sometime ago a ministry invited me to speak at their church Convention. During my stay with them I had a discussion with one of the pastors of the church. I was curious to know how I was invited because I didn’t have any ‘contacts’ in that ministry.
“How was I invited for this program?” I asked.
“We had a meeting where we planned the program. It was during that meeting that someone mentioned your name that you could get the job done. So we contacted you for the program.”
Here I was hundreds of miles away from that ministry, but they tabled my name for discussion and invited me to be the main speaker at their Church convention.
This has happened to me many times. I have been invited for programs in countries where I had no contacts, yet God placed my name on the lips of one of the organisers of the program and I was invited. While I was busy pursuing my assignment, God was opening doors for me by placing my name on the lips of men and women within and outside my nation to favour my righteous cause.

We should understand that real promotion, sustained promotion, long term promotion comes from the Lord, not from men.
Psalms 75:6-7
For promotion cometh neither from the east,
nor from the west, nor from the south.
But God is the judge:
he putteth down one, and setteth up another. Continue reading


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