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The Psychology Of Deception.

The psychology of deception.

This is how it works.
Tell a lie. Make sure it is a big lie, so big that it could probably be the truth. Begin to look for scriptures to back up your lies. Twist, misinterpret and pervert the scriptures to support your lie. Build a doctrine around this lie to help you propagate your agenda which is to manipulate and dispossess your followers of their money.

Now line up testimonies of people who believed in this lie and made money, who became millionaires. Keep bringing out such people on your pulpit to re-enforce your lie. Make sure that those giving such testimonies are professional, hard working business people who have invested themselves in their work and are reaping the rewards of their years of diligence. Continue reading


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Many People Called Themselves Into Ministry

Many People Called Themselves Into Ministry.

After decades of walking with the Lord and observing the lives of people in ministry, it has become so clear that many people called themselves into ministry.
God did not call them. If God called them it will reflect in their character and life styles. But it doesn’t. There is no love, no Christ in their lifestyle. All you see is greed and ego.

The number one reason why over 70% of people are in ministry is money, fame and ego.
It is not Christ.

You will observe that many accumulate money and possessions like pagans, using the name of Christ to do what Christ would never do.
Many of them are pathological liars who are skilled in the art of deception.
The prosperity message is a tool designed by greedy people to dispossess the ignorant of their money and for crooked men and women to enrich themselves. Continue reading

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Are You Deceived?

Are You Deceived?
My television viewing experience has been permanently marred on Sundays. When most preachers come on air, you may as well bring out a large bowl of pop corn, some cold drinks and get ready to be entertained. My wife thinks that they are hilarious but these preachers have made my television viewing experience quite painful. I remember years ago, the joy with which I used to look forward to watch certain preachers come on air to preach the unadulterated Word of God. But today, all I feel is sadness when I see yet another preacher come on television to deceive the embattled. Instead of preaching about salvation, holiness and right living, what I hear are carefully crafted lies designed to deceive and dispossess the gullible, the ignorant, the desperate and the covetous of their money.

Almost every preacher comes up to talk about the same thing: money. There seems to be no other subject matter left in the Bible except how to get money. And if you are fortunate enough to be already financially successful, they tell you that you shouldn’t be content with ‘the little’ you have, rather, you should strive to accumulate more money. These preachers seem to have exhausted the contents of the Bible and are now confined to a very restricted subject area and it all has to do with money.

They talk about money as if the salvation of your soul depends on money. Continue reading


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