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TB Joshua And The Practice Of Paganism.

TB Joshua And The Practice Of Paganism.

When TB Joshua was alive, he was the enemy of all Nigerian pentecostal pastors. He was demonized, called an impostor in the kingdom, called a scam artist and was a pariah in the Christian community in Nigeria. They did not agree with his beliefs and practices. Many people came out openly to attack him, but to his credit he never fought back.

When he passed, some mega pastors stood on their pulpits and rejoiced that their enemy was dead. That their God had ‘killed him,’ as if God puts out contracts to take out his children. 

‘who saved us, and called with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace, that was given to us in Christ Jesus, before the times of the ages,’ 

2 Timothy 1:9.

We all are products of grace. We all are standing by grace. There is no person who is better than TB Joshua. Our works are like filthy rags before Christ. If we all are standing by grace, what makes us think we are in any way better than TB Joshua?

In Matthew 5:44, Jesus said: ‘Love your enemies.’

Not hate them,

Not demonise them,

Not rejoice at their problems,

Not celebrate their deaths,

Not tell your ignorant followers that your deity killed them.

God is not in the business of killing people. God is in the business of saving souls, restoring lives, securing great destinies.

But pastors celebrated and rejoiced at the passing of TB Joshua, rejoicing that their enemy was dead.

This makes me so sad.

This is not the practice of Christianity.

It is paganism.

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The Danger Of Cloning And Comparison

Many of you live your lives as if God will assess, judge and reward you according to the giftings, abilities, calling and assignment he gave some other people. That is the reason why many of you want to RUIN your lives through comparison; always trying to be like other ministers, have what they have, do what they do, accomplish what they accomplish.
But God never asked or called you to do any of that. Continue reading

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Africa Needs Its Own Heroes.

In American movies and novels, something evil is always about to destroy the world and an American hero saves the world by stopping it. Such events never happen in Africa. We never see African heroes save the world. We must change this narrative.

I grew up reading African writers series. While I was being taught our traditions, the average American child was taught to think global, was taught to dominate and save the world. Not one protagonist in the African novels I read saved his city, talk less the world.

Read the novels of contemporary African writers and watch our movies, how many African heroes save the world? None. We raised a generation that never saw its heroes saving the world and we wonder why Africa is always being rescued by other nations. We don’t have global heroes.

America programmed us with their movies and books to wait to be rescued by Americans or by James Bond. Where is the African hero who rescues America and Europe from destruction? Is Africa so impoverished that it cannot conceptualize its own heroes who will save the world?

I was in my 30’s when I started thinking global and by then it was already too late. Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg, Steve Jobs, were thinking global in their teens. They created products to save the world. No wonder their products are global.

America will not create African heroes for us. They prefer we beg them for help, for deliverance, for life itself. We must break free of this curse. We must create our own heroes, in our novels and movies, heroes from Africa who will save the world.

Praise George, May 1, 2020.


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Money is a reward for the creation and the delivery of value.

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Chasing Rabbits: War On Two Fronts (Part 2)

This article will bless your soul, give you clarity, peace of mind and help you focus your energy and resources for greater productivity.


“My success, part of it certainly, 
is that I have focused in on a 
few things.”
Bill Gates

“The successful warrior is the 
average man, with laser-like 
focus.”Bruce Lee

There is a principle of war known as Masssuperior, concentrated combat power at the most advantageous place and time is used to achieve decisive results.

We should employ our strength where and when it would have the greatest impact and yield the highest return.

For every activity there is aright time and procedure,
Ecclesiastes 8:6

One of the ways the enemy attacks us is through confusion – we waste time thinking about all the stuff we would like to do rather than doing any of them.

One goal at a time. Jesus admonishes us to concentrate on a day at a time (Matthew 6:34). A day deserves our focussed attention and concentrated energy. And it is the…

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The danger of blind followership.

Dear believer, a couple of years ago,Rev Jim Jones, a false teacher and prophet, led hundreds of educated but spiritually stupid people to their unfortunate deaths in Guyana. (Please google it). You would think that because these people were educated they would be able to discern that he was evil. Sadly, they couldn’t and ended up dead. Spiritual discernment cannot be taught in a school, it can only be given by the Holy Spirit. Some of you are in ministries headed by false teachers and prophets. Like Jim Jones, they have hypnotised, manipulated and deceived you to believe that your life is about amassing money and material things, and without them your life won’t work. It is all a big LIE! They have turned you into a mindless, spineless, spiritually senseless slave, following their every whim and command. I pray today that The Lord will show you mercy and deliver you from their dungeons, disguised as churches, in Jesus Name.~Praise George.


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Following Christ.

Dear believer, it may be tough for you to comprehend this truth but your life is no longer yours. You totally belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. What this means is that you can no longer live on your own terms but on HIS terms. He doesn’t run His kingdom by our rules but by His own purpose. The Lord is not primarily interested in your happiness, comfort, success or prosperity. His primary concern and interest is His Kingdom. As hard as this may sound, if you pursue His Kingdom, putting Him first, He promised that all other things will be added to you. It is our duty therefore to serve and follow Him faithfully and it is His prerogative and responsibility to add whatsoever things He dims fit into our lives. Blessings.


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Judah ~ Warrior King-Priest

It’s my husband’s birthday and I have hijacked his account to sneak in his birthday gift. Praise is a man of Prayer and he lives what he says, as tough as it may be sometimes. He is up praying and studying for hours every night and often prays in his sleep. I think that’s really awesome. He hates to see injustice and he cant bear to see somone bound by oppression. Praise will tell you he is by no means perfect but he is daily walking closer to the full stature of maturity in Christ. We often joke that he fights with two swords in the spirit ~ so much ground to cover. His constant prayer is ‘Lord show me MERCY’. He is the Crown of my head, my Warrior King-Priest. Happy birthday my love.

Judah Warrior King Priest


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The Word of God or the words of men?

Dear believer, it saddens the heart of God when we exalt the words of men above the Word of God. It is an abomination to deify a man like yourself. It is an abomination to cower before a man like yourself because he bears a religious title. Stop making gods out of mere men. Instead of seeking the words of men, Seek the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart, soul and strength. He is all the blessing you will ever need in your life.

Many believers are too lazy to seek the Lord for themselves. They would rather that other people bring a word from the Lord to them. By abdicating their spiritual responsibility, they have turned mere men into gods. They have abandoned God’s Word and substituted it with the words of men.

Beloved, there is no power in the words of men. There is no ability to deliver, save or sanctify in the words of man. The words of man will fail you, it will completely humiliate and frustrate you. Holding the words of man above the Word of God is exalting man above God. This is an error which has grievous consequences.

Let us learn to put God’s Word first first in our lives. Let us thirst for His Word. Let our heart pant after Him and we shall be filled.


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Following The Lord.

Dear believer, following the Lord is very difficult. In Mark 8:34, Jesus said, ‘Whoever desires to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me.’ To ‘deny himself’ means to give up your PERSONAL plans, goals, dream, vision and pursuits. After that you then qualify to follow the Lord. You cannot live your own life, pursue your own dream, follow your own vision and deceive yourself that you are following the Lord. You are not ! Many people are living in self deception.They are doing their own thing but think they are actively following the Lord. But until they give up all their own desires, they cannot truly follow the Lord. This is NOT a natural way to live. It is spiritual. This is very difficult and near impossible to do unless the Lord grants you the grace. This passage of scripture goes against every motivational lie and deception going on in the Church today. To serve the Lord, we should deny ourselves, take up our cross and do that which He would have us do with our lives. That is the only way we can serve Him in an acceptable manner.


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