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Making Love Work

Hello everyone,

Here are some keys to making love work.

1. Seek to serve, improve and help your partner become better.

2. Celebrate and encourage your partner’s success. Continue reading

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How To Keep A Good Man.

How To Keep A Good Man.

1. Be your true self.
2. Project your beauty and ‘assets.’
3. Communicate intelligently.
4. Be assertive. Real men like strong women.
5. Don’t spy. If he wanted a spy he could have gone to the CIA. Continue reading

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You Attract Who You Deserve, Not Who You Desire.

You attract who you deserve, not who you desire.

Many writers on relationship and love encourage you to write a list of the qualities you want to see in your future partner. This is good because it helps to clarify the kind of person you want in your life. However some of these lists border on fantasy and are so laughable. Continue reading


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For Single men. He Who Finds A Wife.

For Single Men. He Who Finds A Wife.

1. It is not easy to connect with a good woman. If you want to have a good woman in your life, you must be willing to do all that it takes to find her.

2. Before you find, you must search. Proverbs 18:22. If you don’t search but ‘stumble on’ a woman, she’s is not the one you are looking for. She must be sought for and found.

3.Guys, when dealing with a woman you must understand that she’s more than what you see. Continue reading


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For Single Men. Are You Man Enough For Her?

For Single Men. Are You Man Enough For Her?

1. It is not enough to say ‘I love you.’ You should be able to back up what you say with action. Any fool can say ‘I love you’, but only a real man can back up those words with action.

2. A lady doesn’t need you to tell her you love her, she wants you to show her that you do. What you do is more important than what you say. Spending time with her, talking with her, listening to her, helping her, praying with her is more important than saying those words.

3. Dude, contrary to what they say in the junk magazines, television shows and novels, the mark of a real man is not the ability to have sex with a woman. Continue reading


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For Single Men. When A Woman Says ‘No’.

For Single Men. When A Woman Says ‘No’.

When a woman says no, it means that she’s not interested in you. Instead of pushing and hanging around her just to make her change her mind, you should ask yourself the reason why.

She may say no because you are not her type. You should go look for your type. No matter how hot you think you are, some women will never go on a date with you. You are not God’s gift to all women. Be humble. Go look for your type.

She may say no because she is still making up her mind. When it comes to dating, a woman may have several questions she wants answered. You shouldn’t force the process, let her take her time and give you an answer when she’s ready.If she never gets back to you, take it that her answer is no and let it go.

Please read my article on rejection, it will set you free. When a woman consistently tells you no, you should see it as God saving you from future disaster. Don’t persist in pursuing her. Let her go.

Don’t try to change her mind by giving her material things or pouring money on her. If you do, it will be throwing your money away. A lady you buy with your money is not the woman you want to live with for the rest of your life. If you can buy her, so can another man. She should want you for who you are and nothing more.

So that we are clear; when a woman says no to any form of sexual advances from you, she means exactly what she says.She means ‘No, don’t touch me, I am not interested in having sex with you, get lost, don’t ever raise this subject again unless I do.’ She is not shy, coy or playing hard to get. She is not interested. Period. Let’s move on.

Don’t try to force her in any way to make out with you. Using any form of force is not ‘persuading’ her, it is rape. If you coerce her in any way to make out with you, that is rape even if you and the lady think it isn’t.

Real men don’t coerce women into sex.

The lady you are in a relationship with is not your property; you don’t own her. When she tells you to stop and go no further, you should listen to her.

Don’t use the famous loser’s line:’If you love me, you should prove it by making out with me.’ She doesn’t have to prove anything to you. In fact being with you after what you just said is a very bad idea.

When a woman tells you no, you shouldn’t waste your energy pursuing her. Life is too short to be stupid. There are millions of other women out there, surely there’s one among them who will like you for who you are.

Don’t get obsessed with her and think that without this particular lady in your life , you will be unhappy. This is a lie you should never fall for. There’s a good woman out there who will enhance your life and happiness.  If you like this particular lady but she doesn’t like you, dude don’t force it: look elsewhere.



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Why Does A Lazy Man Want A Hardworking Woman?

Why Does A Lazy Man Want A Hardworking Woman?

1. Everyone wants something good. Lazy men are no exception: they want a hardworking woman in their lives, for very obvious reasons. The woman is making money. Period.

2. It is amazing but hardworking women somehow accommodate lazy men in their lives. I have never understood ‘the physics’ behind this strange phenomenon, and I never want to.

3. A lazy man goes against the scriptural injunction which clearly states that ‘if you don’t work, you shouldn’t eat.’ A lazy man wants to burden his woman with all his problems, not working at all but laying up bills.

4. A man is supposed to protect, provide for and nurture his woman. Any man who is not ready for this should forget looking for a wife. He is not ready for a real woman.

5. Some ladies have such low self esteem that they will do anything to get a man. They will buy the man’s food, clothes, house him, give him sex and even give him money for offering in church! That is really sick. How can such a man live with himself? Very easy, I suppose.

6. A man who has no job, no money; who is not out there doing his hustle; who has no drive, has no right whatsoever to talk to a woman about a relationship, talk less of marriage. A woman who listens to such a man is enabling his irresponsible behaviour.

7. Lady, If you like a guy who has no job, the best you can do for him is help him get a job. A lady said she told her younger brother’s girl friend not to give her brother any money because it will make him lazy. The brother had no job and was doing nothing about it.

8. A man who is not ready to work hard, should not pursue a woman whose Christian Louboutin shoes he cannot afford to buy; whose Prada handbag he cannot buy. He should look for a woman he can relate with on his financial level and be happy with.

9. A lady who enables a lazy man will set a dangerous foundation for their future. Encourage him to pursue his dream. Support him. Be there for him. Pray for him. Buy him good books…like my life transforming books. But don’t encourage his laziness. Lady, If you really love him, push him to the streets to go find a job to settle the bills and handle his responsibilities. May the Lord grant you wisdom.



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For Single Men. How To Marry A Good Woman.

For Single Men. How To Marry A Good Woman.

1. You have to first of all be a good man before you go searching for a good woman. Develop your character and be prepared to connect with her when you meet her.

2. Because like attracts like, you will attract the quality of woman you deserve, nothing less, nothing more. You will attract ‘your type.’

3. Men use their ‘lower head’ to think more than their hearts, so you must be careful when making this decision. When a man sees a woman, the first thing that comes to his mind, (okay, for the benefit of doubt, let’s say it is the second or third thing) is sex. No matter how ‘spiritual’ the man may think he is, sex is usually at the top or very near the top of his priorities. Never base a decision to get married to a woman based on your sexual chemistry. It may prove quite disastrous in the end.

4. Never judge a woman by her outward appearance. She may look as beautiful as Miss world but be ‘satan’s sister.’ She may fool you by her looks, sexual energy and smooth words, but she cannot deceive you with her life style. If you study her carefully, you will discover who she is.

5. By their fruit you shall know them. Marry for character, compatibility and not for the beauty. If you have been deceived by sex, may the Lord deliver you today.

6. If you want to get married to her because of her money, you might as well hang a sign around your neck, with large letters in red reading ‘SLAVE,’ because that is what you will become in that marriage.

7. This woman must be willing to follow your dream and help you achieve it. If she’s ready to do everything within her power to see your dream manifest, she’s the one for you. Don’t let her out of your sight! Another thing, you must be willing to do the same for her to qualify as her husband.

8. One sign you should never ignore is the presence or lack of peace in your heart about this woman. If you have no peace in your heart every time you think about her, dude, she’s not for you. If you have solid, unshakeable peace in your heart, she’s the one. Move quickly towards marriage.

9. Wrap things up very quickly. 12 months is enough to know a woman. Don’t waste your time on unimportant things. Get to meet her parents, do the introduction, fix a date for the wedding. Get the wedding out of the way.

10. Be the man. Handle the responsibility of marriage. Love your wife the best way you can. Enjoy the wife of your youth, be a blessing to her and have an awesome marital journey.



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For Single men. Is She Playing You?

For Single men. Is She Playing You?

1. She likes the lunch, dinner dates but doesn’t really like to spend time with you.
2. She has a 100 other guys calling her daily.
3. She’s always critical of you.
4. She’s always in the company of guys who are just her ‘friends.’
5. She demands money from you whether you have it or not. If you don’t have it, she gives you hell.
6. She’s never introduced you to her family. She said she’s waiting or the ‘right time.’ When will that be?
7. When you ask about marriage, she tells you to ‘be patient.’ A woman who is ready for marriage wants it yesterday.
8. She is self-centered and is not interested in your dream or future.
9. She’s arrogant and acts like she’s doing you a favour.
10. She never contributes meaningfully to your life.
Dude, this lady could just be playing you.


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For Single Men. How To Make Her Your Woman.

For Single Men. How To Make Her Your Woman.

1. Show you care for her. It is not what you do occasionally that matters but what you do regularly. It is not enough to say ‘I love you’. Show it.

2. Buying her a gift for valentine is good, but buying her a gift for ‘absolutely no reason’ is even better.

3. Spend time with her. What you do WITH her is more important than what you do FOR her. And guys, I am NOT talking about sex. Find creative ways to spend time with her. It works better than giving her money although money is also very important to ‘oil the wheels ‘ of the relationship.

4. Shut up and listen to her. This may hurt your pride but it will make her your woman. You may be the only person who really listens to her. All other guys just want to get something from her. A woman wants to be heard. Be the man who does that for her all the time.

5. Share her dream. Encourage her to reach for the stars. Celebrate her success and ‘push’ her in a healthy way to do more with her talents. Dude, if you do this right, she will give you her heart.



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