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Avoiding Mr. Wrong by Abiola George (listen to her read Chapter 1)

Avoiding Mr Wrong by Abiola George cover

Avoiding Mr Wrong by Abiola George

Here’s a fact: most people show us who they are within the first few days we know them, through what they say and do. However, women tend to delete what they can see/feel in favour of what they want to see/feel. This often leads to avoidable heartache.

Avoiding Mr. Wrong looks at some of the guys women should avoid at all cost, and theres also a section on becoming Ms Right because, believe it or not, we attract who we are on the inside.

Listen to Abiola read Chapter 1: Mr. ‘My Mummy Said’ here >>Avoiding Mr Wrong Chapter 1



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The Gift of Work (FREE Chapter Download-able Audio)

Download and enjoy Chapter 1 of Praise’s new book: The Gift of Work

The Gift of Work Chapter 1 (read by Praise George)


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16 Deadly Women: How To Recognise and Avoid Them (Audio)

Sequel to my book 21 Deadly Men (2010), here’s an audio reading of the introduction to my new book: 16 Deadly Women; how to recognise and avoid them.

16 Deadly Women by Praise George (intro read by Abiola)

The book is available at Christian bookshops nationwide.



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The Gift of Work by Praise George

The Gift of Work cover

Aliya stirred. The morning sun slipped in through the window blinds and caressed her face. She opened her eyes, rolled over and muttered a prayer. The smell of flowers wafted into the room. She pressed a button and the voice of Asha serenaded the day. ‘Ojumo ti mo…’ she sang along in the shower.

She had a good reason to sing. She had a great job, did work she loved and was adequately rewarded for it. She slipped on her black pumps, adjusted her skirt in the mirror, applied some lipstick, smiled at her reflection, put some essentials in her bag, picked up her phone and keys and headed for the door. In her haste she knocked over a picture. ‘Sorry darling,’ she picked it up, kissed the smiling

face of her fiancé and placed it gently on the dressing table. ‘Let’s do this!’ she said with passion and shut the door behind her.

(Excerpted from The Gift of Work by Praise George)

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The Gift of Work (excerpted from Praise George’s new book of the same title)

The Gift Of Work

Once upon a time, an old man was dying in his home. His three sons hung around his bed anxiously waiting for him to tell them where he kept his secret gold stash. When they were children, they worked with their father on the farm. But they were lazy and hated the hard work on the farm. When they got older, they relocated to the city where they thought that life was going to be easier. But life was tough in the city. After many years of struggle, they did not achieve the elusive success they dreamed of. They all believed that the old man had some money hidden somewhere which would make their lives more comfortable. This was their inheritance and they were going to get their share.

The dying man opened his eyes and asked for a drink of water. The youngest son gave him a drink and he lay silent for a few minutes. He opened his eyes again and tried to speak. His voice was very weak and shaky. They all strained to hear his final words.  Before he could utter a word, he was caught in a spasm of coughing. The children were getting impatient. They had plans for the evening. If the old man wanted to die, he should do it quickly, they thought.

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CLARITY, the definitive new book by Praise George


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Secrets of the Irresistible Woman, by Praise George

Secrets of the Irresistible Woman


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‘I Am Not My Boobs’ by Abiola Adepoju. A hot new book from one of my protégés, for women and for the men who want them.

When Abiola told me that she wanted to write a book titled, ‘I Am Not My Boobs,’ I  encouraged her to go ahead with the project. After writing over 40 books myself, I knew that her ideas would be a hit in the market.

In this book, Abiola connects with women from the physical, advices on virtues, visits career and  concludes  with the spiritual. She delves into  the core values that make a woman happy, successful and at peace with God and man. She titillates and teeters on the verge of sex, but tactfully evades the subject, giving us just enough to think about.
Abiola will challenge you with her wisdom and make you laugh with her wit.  After reading this book, I know one thing for sure: this brilliant lady is definitely not her boobs!
Praise George, Author of The Laws Of Attraction


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Secrets of Successful Relationships revealed in ‘Making It Work’ by Praise George

making it work book

Making It Work is available in Christian bookshops nationwide.


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The Integrity Book

the integrity book coverWatch out for The Integrity Book, which is set to revolutionalize the way you live and relate with people, and the world we live in.

We are giving the first 1000 copies away free of charge, so watch out for your own copy…if you are one of the lucky ones!


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