Prayer For Divine Will

Prayer For Divine Will.

Hello everyone,

I trust all is well with you. I want to share this prayer with you. I pray it is a blessing to you, as it has been a blessing to me.


Pray it out loud.

Lord, May Your Kingdom come, May Your Will be done, have full sway in and take total pre-eminence in my life.
May my will give way for your Will to find full, complete, total expression in my life.
May your Will locate and find me.
May your Will bless my soul with peace.
May your Will align me to your plan and purpose for my life.
May your Will redirect the course of my life.

May your Will rescue me from the wrong path, from wrong associations, from wrong relationships and from wrong pursuits.

May the desire for your Will become a stronghold in my heart.
May my heart find peace in and rejoice to do your Will.
Lord bring me into the very centre of your Will for my life.
Lord demolish every resistance in my heart to do your Will.

Lord guide me, lead me, direct me and bring me into the right geographical location, the right place and the right people to carry out and fulfil your divine assignment for my life.

May your voice be heard with total clarity in the very centre of my heart.
Lord as I go in the way, speak to my heart and guide my feet in your Will.
Lord liberate me from the things that hold me bound, the things that limit me, the things that scare me, the things that confine me.
Lord deliver my mind, my soul, my emotions and my thoughts from confusion.
Lord bring supernatural order and peace into my life.
Lord enlighten the eyes of my understanding. Fill my heart with wisdom to do your Will.
Lord grant me the grace and inner strength to do your Will.
Lord may every talent, ability and gift in me find full, free, unrestricted, unrestrained and complete expression in the market place of life as I walk in the very centre of your Will.
May I place value on and pursue the things that are of critical importance to you and your kingdom.
Lord may I not pursue money, material things, positions, status, accomplishment, success to the detriment of my soul. May I lay up treasures in heaven and live a life with meaning, that makes earthly impact and has eternal significance and reward.

Lord overrule, overturn, overthrow, every plan, every agenda that is contrary to your plan and purpose for my life.

Lord make your Will easy to understand and very plain before my eyes.
Lord set my life in motion to please you, glorify you and honour you.
Lord as I walk in your Will, protect and deliver me and my family from the snares, pits, plots, machinations, schemes, devices and arrows of the wicked.
Lord send your holy angels to guide, defend and protect me in the path of your Will.
Lord restructure, rearrange and reconfigure my life to please you.
Lord empower my heart with boldness to do your Will.
Lord expunge covetousness and greed from my heart.
Lord deliver me from the deception of sin, the deception of money and the deception of pride.
May my soul thirst and hunger after righteousness.
Lord may my eyes, my heart and my soul be set on you alone.
Lord lead me in the path of holiness. Purify my heart to serve you all the days of my life.
Lord remove worldliness and self centredness from my heart.
Lord deliver me from the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life that seduce the soul away from righteousness.
Lord deliver me from wrong paths. May my feet find the right path.
May my soul find pleasure and peace in doing your Will.

Lord deliver my soul from fear. Deliver me from the fear of failure, the fear of reproach, the fear of death, the fear of physical, mental, emotional pain, the fear of humiliation, the fear of loss, the fear of retrogression, the fear of stagnation, the fear of mockery, the fear of the unknown and the fear of the future.
Deliver me from the paralysis of fear. Deliver my soul from the lies of fear. Deliver me from terror that oppresses the soul.
Lord deliver me from the fear of man, for it is a snare to my soul. May I never bow, cower, kowtow or tremble before any man. Lord expunge the fear of man from my heart.
Lord empower my soul with boldness to do your Will, to walk in your path, to pursue your Will, to hearken speedily to your voice, to obey your instructions, to do that which pleases you, no matter the cost or sacrifice.
Lord show me mercy and deliver me from stubbornness, obstinacy, pride and rebellion.
Lord you hold the keys of David. Open the right doors before me to do your Will.
Lord shut every wrong door before me. Dissolve every wrong relationship. No matter how far out I have gone on the wrong road, intercept me, shut the door and turn me around to face the right direction.
May my feet be rescued and delivered from the wrong paths that lead to loss, pain, regret and destruction.
Lord deliver me from seductions, illusions, delusions, lies,fears, deception and confusion. Expose and expunge every lie in my life.
Lord deliver me from that which looks beautiful, good, attractive and appealing but is a trap.
Lord illuminate my soul with your light to know and do your Will.
Lord may I rejoice, find pleasure and peace in the very centre of your Will for my life.
Praise George. February 2021.

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