The Danger Of Cloning And Comparison

Many of you live your lives as if God will assess, judge and reward you according to the giftings, abilities, calling and assignment he gave some other people. That is the reason why many of you want to RUIN your lives through comparison; always trying to be like other ministers, have what they have, do what they do, accomplish what they accomplish.
But God never asked or called you to do any of that.
You and your ministry will be assessed and rewarded according to your giftings, your abilities and your faithfulness to the calling and assignment you received of the Lord. Matthew 25.
Do you know that even twins from the same womb will be assessed differently because their calling is different? You have no right to compare them because you don’t know what they were called to do.

This is why many of you who CLONE popular ministers and their ministries are fools.
You have missed your way, you have missed the Lord and you are lost. You should repent and find your way back. 90% of what many of you are doing is CLONING other ministries and it is SIN because it is an error.
The only person the Lord said we should be conformed to is Christ, not to the most visible, affluent, flabouyant, popular, famous or notorious preacher in town.

This is why I owe you ZERO explanation for my life, my ministry, my calling and my path.

May you have sense before you destroy yourself through cloning and comparison.

©Praise George.  February 2021.

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  1. Jarvas Belled

    you are my great mentor and an inspiration to the in tired world may God bless you

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