The Psychology Of Deception.

The psychology of deception.

This is how it works.
Tell a lie. Make sure it is a big lie, so big that it could probably be the truth. Begin to look for scriptures to back up your lies. Twist, misinterpret and pervert the scriptures to support your lie. Build a doctrine around this lie to help you propagate your agenda which is to manipulate and dispossess your followers of their money.

Now line up testimonies of people who believed in this lie and made money, who became millionaires. Keep bringing out such people on your pulpit to re-enforce your lie. Make sure that those giving such testimonies are professional, hard working business people who have invested themselves in their work and are reaping the rewards of their years of diligence.

Majority of people who are covetous and driven by greed will swallow this lie and even help you defend it on social media. They will fight for you like mindless, brain-dead zombies, saying that: “papa is right, after all papa is dangerously rich.”

When people question this lie, tell them that they cannot argue with proofs. Show them your private jets, your big church and your large followership, tell them these are all proofs of the veracity of your lies. Tell them that “Only fools argue with proofs.”

If this does not work, threaten them. Tell them that if they don’t believe your lie, something terrible will happen to them. Give examples of people who rejected this lie and are poor or struggling financially or are even dead.

Now, tell them that to enjoy the same proofs that you enjoy in your life they should bring their first fruits, their tithes and their prophet’s offerings and a host of other offerings to you. Collect their money, buy bigger toys, boast about being dangerously rich. Rinse and repeat.

And after a while you really don’t have to defend yourself or your lie, people who are brainwashed will defend you with their very last breath, ready to do anything to protect that lie. This is the psychology of a lie.
Set yourself free from deception.
Praise George. January 2021.


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  1. Janvier Bigirindavyi


  2. Brian

    Very true sir

  3. Brian

    Very true sir

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