We Have Become Too Fat To Fight.

We Have Become Too Fat To Fight.

Someone asked me: “why can’t we pray for brethren who are dying to come back to life like the saints used to do in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s? Pray for them to come back to life as Peter and Paul did?

I answered that it is the prosperity message mixed with an unholy lifestyle that has sapped Christians of spiritual power. We teach success power, breakthrough, instead of the Holy Spirit power. We raise millionaires instead of raising evangelists, sending them out two by two to preach Christ, to heal the sick and raise the dead.

Today’s church is like the Roman empire which became so rich, ate so much, became so fat and lazy that the barbarians came and ran them over. They were too fat to fight, too fat to run, too fat and lazy to save themselves from destruction.

Christians have fed themselves with so much false doctrine that they no longer talk about the power of God to save and deliver.

There used to be this saying: “Do not become so heavenly minded that you become earthly useless.”
It sounds nice but it is from the pit of hell.
God says we should set our affections and passions on things above not on things on the earth. We should be heavenly minded.
Now we have become so earthly minded that we have become absolutely USELESS to heaven.
We cannot decree a thing and it will happen because we have become too fat to fight by faith.
Elijah not only called down fire from heaven he also commanded power from heaven to bring the dead back to life.

May we not become as useless as the saints in Revelations 3:17 who thought that having money and possessions was the true definition of following Christ but they were rebuked for their foolishness.

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