Facebook is a waste of your life.

If you have been on Facebook for more than 3 years and you make regular posts, but you do not have a book, you are wasting your life.

If you make long posts or get involved in political, intellectual and religious arguments but you have not written a book, you are wasting your life.

All your posts and arguments are a complete waste if they do not benefit anyone outside your friend’s list. This is self imposed limitation. There are millions of people who should benefit from your knowledge outside Facebook, but you have limited yourself because of likes, shares and comments.

The wisdom God gave you is for the nations. Even if I am not on Facebook my books still sell all over the world, changing lives, bringing solutions, solving problems, blessing people and rewarding me financially.

I see brilliant people on social media who waste their brilliance on a small number of people when they could literally impact nations with their books.

Write that book now.

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One response to “Facebook is a waste of your life.

  1. jarvas beled

    thank you for the open challenge to me and the world at large

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