Many People Called Themselves Into Ministry

Many People Called Themselves Into Ministry.

After decades of walking with the Lord and observing the lives of people in ministry, it has become so clear that many people called themselves into ministry.
God did not call them. If God called them it will reflect in their character and life styles. But it doesn’t. There is no love, no Christ in their lifestyle. All you see is greed and ego.

The number one reason why over 70% of people are in ministry is money, fame and ego.
It is not Christ.

You will observe that many accumulate money and possessions like pagans, using the name of Christ to do what Christ would never do.
Many of them are pathological liars who are skilled in the art of deception.
The prosperity message is a tool designed by greedy people to dispossess the ignorant of their money and for crooked men and women to enrich themselves.

Sinners don’t need Christ to be rich.
Sinners have more money and possessions than Christians.
The richest people in the world are sinners.
Pastors should stop lying to the ignorant.
The prosperity message is a lie from the pit of hell. If it were true all 2.3 billion Christians would be millionaires.

These people called themselves and serve their god mammon. They don’t belong in the ministry and should find something else to do with their lives.

Anybody can build a school, university, bible school and say that God sent them. Don’t be an idiot. Observe their lifestyle and you will realise that they were never called and even if some of them were called they have lost their way.
The kingdom of God is not about money.
The kingdom of God is about teching Christ, growing in and walking in the love of Christ.
Praise George. December, 2020.

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