3 Deadly Sins.

There are 3 things you must deal with if you want to be successful in your walk with the Lord.

1. Arrogance. Thinking you are a god that should be worshipped.

2. Lust for money or greed. Bowing down to mammon.

3. Sexual promiscuity.

If you fix these, you’ll be fine.

William B. had a strong prophetic gift. He operated in signs and wonders.
After a while, the gift got to his head and he thought he didn’t need the bible.
Kenneth Hagin warned him but he was arrogant.
Months after that warning he was killed in an accident.

There are men and women who destroyed themselves because of greed.

They were in ministry because of money. Mammon was their god.
And this eventually ruined them.

Ministry is not business.
It is an error to make money the focus of your ministry.

Many people have ruined themselves and ministry because they had zero control over their sexual appetites.

A female music minister told me how pastors would ask to sleep with her after she ministered on their pulpits.
These men had lost their soul to sex.

A big name prophet in Lagos had a reputation for sleeping with married women.

On one of those sexual rendezvous he met his fate.

After the sex he collapsed in the room and was declared dead.He could not control his appetite and it destroyed him.


Fix the three deadly sins and you will live long.
Praise George.

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