The Danger Of False Hope.

The greatest weapon in the hands of charlatans is false hope built on lies and deception.
False hope is like a drug, very addictive, deadlier than heroin, more dangerous than cocaine. When a charlatan injects false hope into a gullible person, it takes control of the mind, the emotions and soul.
False hope will make a person believe absolutely anything a pastor says without checking it up in the scriptures.
False hope has made people sell their houses, lands, cars and stocks to give to a con man wearing a religious disguise who has promised them financial miracles.
False hope is dangerous. It ties down a person to a religious organisation for decades, helping the pastor to build his own kingdom while the person’s life goes nowhere.
False hope makes a woman believe she will get married next year, but the supposed time keeps shifting but false hope blinds her to truth and deprives her of her reasoning faculties to challenge the lies, to question the deception.
If you have been sold false hope of getting rich through sowing or tithing or seeding or prophets offering or the most ridiculous one ‘first fruits’, they have lied to you and you are in deception. Money is an economic resource and you get it by bringing economic value to the marketplace for which you are rewarded with money. May the Lord open your eyes to see and deliver you from false hope.
Praise George. December 2020


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2 responses to “The Danger Of False Hope.

  1. This is a mind blowing. Thank you sir for for this truth.

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